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Lock specific attributes when searching


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Before reading notes:

  1. Please excuse my English if I let any errors pass through, as it is not my native language;
  2. I do not own FM23 yet, so the following suggestion is based on FM22 (as I haven't tried FM23 beta). I did however ask FM_Guru (country manager at FMFrance) if there'll be something similar as what I'm about to suggest in FM23 and he answered me to suggest it. So I don't expect it to be in FM23.

The aforementioned being said, let's get started.



I'm a player heavily (maybe too much) relying on filters when I search for a specific player / staff member. As such, I use filters with traits, personality and lots of attributes prefilled. Obviously, when using said filters, fewer players / staff members appear and I can consider cutting on matching attributes to get more results (ie: let's say my attributes are "12 or more", I can pick a younger player who has potential if some of said attributes are sometimes 11 or even 10).

When you use the "matching attributes" function, players who have one, two (or more, considering the number of matching attributes you set as the lowest to display) non-matching attributes appear. But they can sometimes have "non-matching" attributes in the attributes you may consider as essential, if not imperative.

Let's take an example: You're looking for a DC and you, arguably, consider that Heading, Jumping Reach and Passing are key attributes you don't want your player not to have. If you've used the "Matching attributes" function, players who may match X-Y / X attributes with what you're looking for (X being the total of attributes you've filled and Y the number of attributes a player may not match but be displayed anyway), but have 2 in Heading and 5 in Jumping Reach may appear as well (regarding of how much you've set Y to be). And it is, arguably, not a player you'll consider, at least not as a DC.



My suggestion is simple: whenever the "matching attributes" function is to be used by the player, may it be for a player or a staff member, allow the player to "lock" or "unlock" attributes of his choice.

When the player is using the "matching attributes" function and has "locked" an attribute, he is certain that said attributes won't be part as the "non-matching attributes" displayed anyway players / staff members. In other words, if a player / staff member match X-Y / X attributes, but one of the Y non-matching attributes is a "locked" attribute, the player / staff member won't be displayed as a result.

When the player is using the "matching attributes" function and has "unlocked" an attribute, he is allowing the game to display players / staff members who do not match said attribute but does match X-Y / X other attributes.


How to implement?

I believe the easiest and most speaking way to implement this idea is with a Lock Icon that is closed and turns red when the player "lock" the attribute and is opened and grey when the attribute is "unlocked".

The keen eyes among us will notice I've purposefully used the words "when the player is using the matching attributes function". I don't think the Lock Icon should appear in the "Edit Search" section for multiple reasons:

  1. The "Quick Edit" tab is in my opinion already quite packed to add something in it, the argument can be made for the "Advanced Edit" tab though;
  2. When you "Edit" your search, you don't chose whether to display the players / staff members who match match X-Y / X attributes, you can only make that choice once the search results are displayed.

If you now take the two screenshots attached (sorry, my game is in French), here is a suggestion on how to implement it (it's the player search tab, but should work the same for the staff members search one).

All attributes.png

On the first screenshot (All Attributes), I have selected the 14 attributes I want the players I'm searching for to be displayed. As the "matching attribute" function is "14/14" nothing changes, since I don't want to cut in these attributes and see other players who doesn't match this requisite to be displayed.

Key attributes copie.png

On the second screenshot (Key Attributes), I've used the function "matching attribute" to allow the game to give me as a result a player that only match 12/14 attributes and more. When I use this function, a new column appear (I placed it between the checkbox to activate the condition and the "AND/OR" button 'cause it seemed the best place) with grey opened locks. If I consider a specific attribute to be imperative regarding the kind of player I'm looking for, I'm able to "lock" the lock, which closes and turns red, and the game now only gives as a result all the players that match 12/14 attributes and more AND verify no matter what the locked attribute (ie. from top to bottom : Positioning, Tackling, Marking, Heading, Jumping Reach).


Any downside?

On the devs side: I don't think so (although not being one myself I can only presume). I mean, it should only be 1) verifying if the "matching attributes" function is being used, 2) if so, add as a new condition in the search function the fact that a specific attribute has been locked.

On the players side: This suggestion only concerns/affects people using the "matching attributes" function. For them, the only "downside" I can imagine is that they can miss players (ie, players that wouldn't fit as a DC because Heading or Positioning aren't good but that could've been trained in a different position). But even that isn't irreversible as they still can do the same search without locking attributes.



Hope I've been clear enough and looking forward to read any comments / suggestions on this idea :)

EDIT : I'm sorry my screenshots are huge, but I don't find the option to link them otherwise.

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