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[FM23][SKIN] Dark Skin - renato.


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Made this one cause I don't like the original skin. No big deal, just changed the colours to make a dark and simple skin based on the FM23 Base Transparent skin. No screen added, besides the colours, everything still the same as the original.

If there's any screen that shows something blue or purple, tell me to see if we can fix the colours.

Thanks @bluestillidie00 for making the base skin avaliable and thanks @snowofman and @stevemc for helping on the thread.

Edit: new version with better colours and two mods (scoreboard and match panels).



Edited by renato.
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Lovely simple skin. Pretty much just undone the only changes worth making to FM 2022 to make this game as good yet again ;-) 

Come on SI let's have a more updated match engine next year, it's still very much the same. The rest I understand doesn't need much done but that would be a worth upgrade. I still buy it and love it because it is, after all, the best football game on the planet. Here goes another 1000+ hours (not that they will read this) :)

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