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FM23 Squad Planner suggestion - add a Traits tab


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Could a Traits tab be added to the squad planner?


To see which traits conflict with other traits that teammates have

To show how some traits may not work very well in certain formations

Or to show how some traits are very effective in certain positions

This would allow us to see how all players traits link together

And how they complement / conflict with eachother

And lots of other insights too

Since traits are very powerful in determining a players behaviour, this map may help to explain why a formation or tactic is not working, or why a player is not being effective


Ive done a quick example below

Look at Jack Evans in Central Midfield

Maybe his trait to drop deep is not a good one for that position on the pitch?

If you can imagine all the other players also showing traits, then you could see a complete picture on one page of how all the traits of your team are working together.


You could also colour code the traits in order to see which ones are having an effect on the players movements (green colour) or passing (purple colour) etc etc


Obviously you could click on Jack Evans name to pick a different member of the squad to try out there



Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 02.04.12.png

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