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Gameplay Upgrades for FM23 Now Available on FMFC

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More stats in the data hub (including the loudly heralded xA) and more relevant stats in match reports. I was hoping to see better goalkeeping analytics (especially for scouting purposes), but no hint of it. But at least you have more options for creating your manager's image. Including gloves (gasp!).

We'll see what the ME looks like,

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Can you get stats on data hub to be filtered according to specific dates?


I analyse the data,

I make changes to the team based on where the data says I am weak to try to improve,

I play a few games with my new tweaked tactics,

now I want to see if the changes I made to the tactics have improved the data,

so I filter the data hub to only show data from after the date I made the tactical changes

........Is anything like this in the new data hub?

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Please make the FMFC blog visible without signing up. It will increase the exposure no end. If you want to collect user data then do it by way of competitions, offers etc.

I signed up when it was released and have spent the last hour caught in a "it's been a while since you last visited please re-enter you login and password" loop of hell trying to get back in.

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