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is OK if I set multiple promotions ranks in ranking level info?


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The competition has 4 promotions. 2 by league table and 2 by playoff. Sounds logic to me give "win promotion" not just to the ranking 0, but maybe isn't how to ranking info works




or should I just put it this way?




** Another question: "competition winner" is the same or should I use "team won the league and the promotion" to be more specific? With "competition winners" it's assumed that the team won the promotion?

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Yeah, that'd be fine. Definitely shouldn't give the playoff winners "team managed to qualify to this stage", that should only be for teams that lost in that stage. Plus they need to be recognised as a promoted team in the rankings to prevent managers for incorrectly being sacked for failing to get promoted.

Same for the latter question, "won the league and promotion" is better. "competition winner" would be find for a cup competition, but since the board may expect promotion, that really should be included as part of the ranking.

Also, how are you applying rankings to the playoff teams?

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Thank you very much for all your help. I just noticed that it was wrong, there is no semifinal in this tournament (the format changes a lot over the years, before i had other with SF). So, the ranking level info is like this:


Ranking Rules > Ranking Level Info



Qualification rules






Stage 0 (league) - ranking levels (20 teams)




0-1: promoted

2-5: promotion playoff

14-17: relegation playoff

18-19: relegated



stage 1 (promotion playoff) - 4 teams




2-3 promoted (team managed to win promotion)

4-5 no fate (team managed to qualify to this stage)

i know, maybe the 'highest' and 'lowest' ranking is not necessary, just the current one.



Stage 2 (relegation playoff) - 4 teams




14-15: team managed to just avoid automatic relegation (relegation playoff place)

16-17: team was relegated




Ranking level priority


0 // Ranking:0 // H:0  L:1 - Check first promoted teams by league table (2 teams)

1 // Check Promotion Playoff results

0 // Ranking:2 // H:2 L:5 - Send classified teams from Stage 0 to Stage 1 (to promotion PL)

2 // Check Relegation Playoff results

0 // Ranking:14 // H:14  L:17 - Send classified teams from Stage 0 to Stage 2 (to relegation PL)

0 // Check others positions





There is the file, but it's a total mess because for each competition I need 4 or 5 different formats

'star year 06.fmf



This is the format of the pictures (for 2028 :D )

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