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Football Manager 2023 on PS5

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So I was just browsing the Playstation store and have seen Football Manager 23 Console Edition. This makes me very happy, as these days I am doing all my gaming on my PS5 (except FM), so it would be amazing to be able to play this game over there as well. Do you guys have any information about how it's going to be / features / etc ? I am sure Miles or someone will talk at lenght about this one, but I am just very keen on it :) I really can't stress how excited I am about this, as long as it's not some dumbed down version of the FM we all know.

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7 hours ago, zakbrown96 said:

Looks like the recruitment rejig hasn't made it fully into the console version. I wasn't overly enthused anyway. Glad to see my cursor option has survived! Also looks wise it's great. Team talks at game time is good to have back. Might help some of those lose streaks.....

The wheel menu may or may not just mean extra clicks. Hopefully not.

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