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How to create a back 3 system without WB ?

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Hi everyone,


I'm playing Arsenal, as usual, and I'm winning a lot (5 UCL in 6 years, 4 times in a row BPL Champion).

Of course, It is hard with :

- Man city having Haaland and Moukoko

- Liverpool having Kane, Mbappé, Salah, Wirtz, Vlahovic

But, I manage to win (and, for the first time, unbeaten this season in the PL).


No, I don't save scum, I also have a great squad.

Here is my current squad :

image.thumb.png.42499375ecbd5b71bd971cfdc51e02be.pngFor the newgens :

- Pinto, who's legit the new Pepe (minus the agression)



- Uribe, who's the next Sergio Ramos (minus the agression)



- Jarne Baert, whi I thought would be the next Makelele but appears to be quite a disappointment



- Jules Van Den Keybus, who's the next Hazard



- Cristiano Baixhino, who's the next O. Dembele



- And Agirre, renamed Aguïré, you guessed it




You may I have also seen that I lack of one thing tho : wingbacks.

On the left, I only have Tierney, who's getting old, Itter who's a disappointment but had to panic buy him due to injury (and Saka, but I want to play him as a winger). On the right, I only have Aarons (mostly played as a IWB) and Uribe could helped.



My lack of Wingbacks lead me too create a back 3 without any wingback. Here was the tactic used



I won the UCL final 5-3 against Liverpool with it, so it can work.

However, I noticed several problems :

1. When my CB's have the ball, they have no one to pass it to except the DLP has the Wingers are too far up the pitch

2. Of course, my midfielders kinda struggles

3. Liverpool did score 3 goals, 2 being kind of easy for them


Do you have any idea of how could it work better ? I'm open to any suggestion !



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In terms of build up play when your centre backs have the ball, you could try Hold Position on your wingers so they're less likely to push too far up the pitch? Failing that, maybe use a more conservative role/duty combination for Reyna. 

I've found CM (A) to be brilliant for aggressive runs off the ball but not great for getting involved in build up play. If your wingers are already high and you've got an AMC and 2 strikers, you can probably afford to have Reyna sit deeper and create a 3-2 in the build up phase.

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Funny because I had the same issue with you and I was very surprise about the result.

In my mind, you need to have a DMC to help in defense, and give more freedom to the MC (on the center and one the side).

The CM(a) is my favorite role, very good penetration in the surface


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