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TeamWorkRate Philosophy - Work in progress

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4 hours ago, coach vahid said:

Can you develop a little bit more...

-Can you share some pictures of your setup and tactic and results please ?

-Why and when you use the dominate or the control ? 

-Do you use OI's ?




Hi there,

I will try to do it, original thought were to start a thread in the forum, I even started writing it, but it was going to be comprehensive and time is scarce so I quit the writing. 

Will provide more information about the tactics here as soon as time permits.

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  • cmonreds changed the title to TeamWorkRate Philosophy - Work in progress
On 26/09/2022 at 06:03, coach vahid said:

Do you see developpement on you players with these schedules ? 

Its the same thing for your U19?

Great writing. Hope to read more soon.

Sorry for late reply, yes there has been significant development on players. The same schedules is applied to reserves and youth players. They develope very nicely and often are ranked in the top 50 promising youth award. Even one making it 8th place. Youth team won the CL youth a couple of times as well.

Will write more about player debelopment in the thread started in the forum. Besides increasing facilities to maximum level and giring best possible coaches, approach to mentoring, all players placed in frist team training units, feeder Clubs, importance of giving feedback on training/loan development will be highlighted.

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