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Tactics: Ability to train patterns of play


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I think the options in the current tactic creator are limited compared to the tactical instructions a manager gives a team in real life. 

- For example I might often want my playmaker to look at the runs of my left wing back and for my striker to make sure he runs to the back post whenever this happens, with my inside forward going into the 6 yard box. These types of patterns of play are trained on the training ground and then sometimes it works in matches.

- Another example is that I might want my inverted winger to always hug the touchline and when he receives it look for the run of the striker running into the box, rather than dribbling with the ball.

- Might want my deep lying playmaker to always pass the ball forward to one of my wingers, or I might prefer if he did a safe short sideways pass to the mezzala.

- Another example is that I might want my centre midfielder to occupy the half space when we have the ball in the opponents half.

Of course as with managers/teams in real life, these patterns of play being followed will depend on the ability of the players, the willingness of the players to follow instructions, whether we are trying to hang on to a lead/the risk level we want to take at that moment in the match, and also on the players judgement on whether its good to follow the instruction at that moment, or if the player thinks there is a better option at that moment.

We should have the ability to create these types of patterns of play in the tactic creator and also be able to watch how it looks in training matches so we can decide which patterns of play we want the players to follow in matches.

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