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Michael Itner

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I found a pretty significant bug with the B team clubs. Players should move freely, or as for example in the Czech Republic, a maximum of two players from the A team in the matches of the B team. But as you can see in the screenshot the two players at the top, the players have the status that they cannot start the next match. I am working on a big project for FM 2023 and this is a pretty big bug for me. Please, answer me quickly!



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Have you check the affiliated team tab and are the settings there correct? Since we don't know the project, these questions make sense, even though it is quite possible that you have run into a bug.

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Theoretically, I did not check this setting, as it is a Default SI creation, just click on Add Nations Rules. I found some posts from a few years ago, where SI admitted that it is a bug that will be fixed in the next update. So where is the problem please?


--- I have added screen --- This rule does not work, or is completely unnecessary. Please explain.


the Czech league is only an example, the error is reported in all countries where clubs use B teams in lower playable competitions.


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