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How To Use Opposition Report And Opposition Scouting

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Hi guys I’m kinda new to FM and I want to try and play it in the most realistic way possible and I feel like part of doing that is using the opposition reports and opposition scouting. 

So my question is how do you guys do this? How do you guys use the opposition report and information you get about the opposition to make adjustments to your team and tactics?

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Personally, I find watching highlights of the trans goals is a better way to do it be because you can recognise pattern of play easily so if I have to play against a team and I see that most if their goals are coming from crosses then I know I don't want them to cross as much, if it's a single player that's responsible for most if the assists then I don't want to give him time in the ball, if they play quickly from back to front then maybe I might not want to press to high or have my defensive line too high 

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