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EHM 1.5 Crash - Multiplayer game for new online league crashing on Oct 2nd

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This league has just started up with a customized database adapted by @flinch from Pivot. The final version of the db was tested extensively without any errors or crashes appearing.

In the first season, we are unable to sim past Oct 2nd without a crash, which is the day the first ISS lists. The crash occurs during the “Morning Oct 2nd” simming before it reaches a save point.

At first I attributed it to some changes I had made to detail level settings on Sept 29th, but I went back to the save prior to these changes and the crash still occurred . 

The second possible cause was a known issue with scouts assigned to European and obscure leagues. We identified one GM had a scout assigned to the Swedish Hockey League and some others to smaller Canadian leagues. Extensive testing was done removing these assignments, removing all scout assignments, going back a couple sims and removing them, etc. The crash always re-occured.

At this point, I am out of ideas as to what might be causing this crash that does not occur in other test saves we have done with this db and exact settings. It seems like it must be something specific to this save.

I have uploaded the OOHL save. 

To produce the bug, sim ahead the multiplayer game to Morning of Oct 2.

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