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Add a 'prefers away kit when away from home' toggle on clubs in the database to reflect modern-day kit usage of a number of high profile clubs.


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A simple one really, as the title suggests.

Many clubs these days seem to prefer to play in their away/third kits when away from home regularly, perhaps to boost sales of the alternate kits, and perhaps to please sponsors when there are differences across them. The toggle could essentially move the home kit from first priority to last priority when the game calculates the kit selection against the kit clashes when playing at an away venue (not home or neutral). It could even be ingored for local and historic rivalry games based on the rivalry information (for example in the case of my club Swansea City, we would never play in anything other than a white shirt against Cardiff), but not competitive.

It's a small feature idea and one that wouldn't impact gameplay, but I think would add a bit more realistic flavour to the footballing world.

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