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[Suggestion] Promises kept or not - add a few options


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I have a CMF who insisted that team needs better GK. Agreed. Now, that player says he's leaving, because promise not kept. What?

It is true, that we don't have a new, better GK yet, but a contract has been written, but it isn't confirmed. What can I do? I've done what's needed, but still I get punished... by the game itself. Not nice!


Options give me options: to apologise, accept that he's free to leave, try to convince him to stay, or two possibilities to dismiss him.

Could these be added:

- "We already have a contract with someone. Not signed yet."            The annoyed player should be able to learn how things really are - that there is a contract made, and therefore promise was kept. IF this was a lie, player gets REALLY annoyed and most certainly will leave. Maybe... a lot more money...

- "We haven't been lucky so far. Give us a bit more time."              Depending on player's mood, he could agree to give more time, but he could also get anxious or something. On the other hand, this could have been his limit - end of story.

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