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[Discussion] restore previous mentoring


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The new mentoring (the one introduced a few years ago, I don't remember exactly) is something that I have been unable to understand and accept for several editions and that I find extremely annoying and amusing at the same time.

In my opinion, the previous idea (I do not remember in which exact edition of FM mentoring was changed) was more more more realistic.

A simple example - a new, young player comes to the team.
A more experienced footballer establishes some kind of friendship-mentoring relationship with him, maybe even at the request of the club manager (that's us :-)). For example, he drives him to training, trains with him in tandem during training sessions, gives him small tips, etc. etc.
Does this happen in reality? Yes or no? Of course it does! It was realistic in previous FM editions.

Nowadays in FM it looks like this: an experienced player wants to mentor a new player, but the President or Director  of the club comes to him and shouts that this is not possible, because the mentoring group must consist of a minimum of three players! :-)

Then a resigned Cristiano Ronaldo spreads his hands and apologizes to the young player from the academy, while forcefully looking and wondering who could be the third in the mentoring group. 

Does this happen in reality? Yes or no? Of course it does not!!! It is completely unrealistic!


After all, this is totally strange and I don't understand where this ridiculous idea comes from.

This absolutely must be changed.


Alternatively, there should be an option that an experienced player can have more than one player under his mentorship, say two would make sense.

In my opinion, there should also be two options: the manager directly asks for mentoring, or the player himself on his own initiative takes care of a younger player.

What do you think about this? 


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