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English Clubs can only register/sign English Players


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Not sure if this has been done already, but had a thought earlier about how fun a game would be if English Clubs were only allowed to sign English Players. So, once the current foreign players at English clubs in the game move on or retire, their replacement would have to be English - and eventually all English Clubs would only have English players.


If this has been done already, please share the link to download the database - if not, I might do it myself if there is sufficient interest.

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Not sure if there is already a database for it as more foreigners seems to be the more popular options, but check for a thread in the advanced rules section about setting the amount of foreigners. Set the match squad and squad amount to zero.

Then (and I really advise to do this) you can set the years to get nationality to 10 or 15 or something, because otherwise all your foreign players will try and get English nationality. You also want to check the registration rule as there is a rule that allows for U21 to play without being registered and the registration rules are what keeps the foreigners out. So foreign U21 could still sneak in that way.

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