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Player suddenly suspended - no idea why he has a 2 match ban

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One of my players I noticed is suspended for 2 matches.  It was leading up to the season start.  I have the asst. mgr. do the friendlies.  However, I go to put him in for the 1st match of the season and he's suspended for 2 matches.  Intrigued, I search my inbox for his name.  Nope. Nothing but his injury which has him out 2-4 weeks.  So I look at the past games.  I see in the last game he played in, he did not get carded.

So is it a glitch?  I don't see what caused his suspension.  Any idea on how I can find out why he's suspended?

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Ooooooh.....  dude, you're really paying attention to detail.  (1) I am 99.9% you're right, read on.  (2) WTH - 52,633 posts? Can you marry one of my kids? ;) 

I think you may have caught it.  B/c I went back and looked at the friendlies leading up to the 1st match of the season.  I saw no cards and he was playing in the friendlies until he pulled [get this] his knee ligaments during training

I wanted to strangle this guy.  Now I get to see if his ban counts while injured. & the board let me send him on a leadership course while he's in 2-4 weeks of recovery. LOL.

Also of note is this is Maidstone in the lower leagues. 

I've no clue why the FM community has been so incredible for over a decade.  I am deeply grateful.  I hadn't thought it may be from last season. Thanks! 

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48 minutes ago, sdx15 said:

If the player is registered for the competition, he will serve his ban regardless of his injury.

Yeah- you are correct- I was thinking about a cup ban that can sometimes appear many months after the last match

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