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4-4-2 Tiki Taka

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Hello, i'am starting a new save with Benfica. I want to play a 442 formation to take a good use of my advanced forwards. I like to implement the tiki taka style.

Any advice to take in the creation of the tactic?


Thanks a lot.


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Could work, though I agreed with @dja2k14 about a 442 tiki taka.  Hard to press high with only two players in the Striker/AM stratas  I'd play some friendlies and see.  A few things which might be issues (or might not):

  • you only have three players on support, excluding the SK, so it might be hard to patiently make short passes until something opens up: most tiki taka systems have 5-6 outfield players on support;
    • you'll have to see but I can imagine the DLP, with the ball just outside his defensive third, with 0-1 teammates located within short/safe passing range:  that might be fine because you are superior but not tiki taka;
  • Benfica has far superior talent to all but two PPL opponents, so:
    • you might want them to be more expressive;
    • 'lowest tempo' and 'hold position' might tamper some of your natural advantage, and allow inferior teams to get back into defensive positions, but yes those instructions are usually part of tiki taka;


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Anything is possible with the correct personnel. I would start off with something akin to this:


PI's: Stay wider on FB-Attack and WM - Support and potentially Hold Position on LCM - Support. adding Roam from Position for the DLF and Moves into Channels for the CM - Attack. Comes deep for the Ball would be a useful trait on any plyer due to flat shape. If your players have the ability, I would be tempted to implement Use tighter Marking. I would also be tempted to instruct the two strikers and the CM - Attack to Close Down More in their PI's to affect a limited press.

Hope this helps.

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