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Why do some players just glide?

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I signed Livramento whose description is 'elite full back'

But although his attributes are good, they're not super amazingly good.

Yet he glides around the pitch (his animation is really smooth), and he does amazing things all the time, and looks a cut above everyone else.

So, how does this happen?

Is it something in the hidden attributes? Or something else?

How can you tell which players will be like this before you sign them because attributes obviously do not tell the full story of how good a player is?

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You are not expected to know everything about every player when you sign them and often this can happen where a player just fits in perfectly with your formation, instructions and his team mates.  You wont know this in advance so be thankful when it does happen.

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Attributes attached.

It also happens with other players.

I have a centrel midfielder who is 6 foot, has 15 agility, accel 14, drib 13, 15 bal, but he turns like an ox. (Aster Vrankx)

And another also 6 foot, with 15 agility, accel 13, drib 13, 16 bal, yet he turns so much better, and is way more better at changing direction, and gliding around. (Paolo Bernardo)

Even though the only difference in those stats is minor.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 23.18.54.png

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Footedness is going to make a huge difference to how midfielders turn, because having a poor weaker foot means they can really only turn one way at speed (and the guy defending against him knows it)

Fullbacks with good all round attributes and lots of space to use their pace in should always "glide"

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