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Possession in Poland | Odra Opole


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Odra Opole is the club I have chosen for this save, this is mostly due to the club's preference for bringing through youth, and the fact it has never won a major honor in Poland.

My goals for this save are simple:

- Get promoted from the second tier

- Promote youth from our intakes

- Play possession football

- Win a major honor in Poland

- Reach a European Group stage

Those are the goals for right now. In previous saves I have tried to be too ambitious and it just ruins the save for me. I just want to have fun, and play in the country that my parents emigrated from.

The Tactic: (for now)


It's a mix of the preset for tiki-taka and control possession. I want to have natural overlaps on the wings, while having a 3 pronged forward attack with the DLF and two IW. The midfield is similar to Pep's City midfield, where we have an aggressive playmaker, KDB, or the AP on attack, and a more passive RPM. Behind them, we have a HB, to keep 3 players back during attacks.

The Squad:


Lots of wingers, but not a single player trained by club. I will be calling up a few from the youth ranks to flesh out the squad, and hopefully make an impact in the future.

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Decent preseason which looks much better when you consider we beat AZ Alkmaar!

Onto the actual start of the season now.


Two set piece goals the difference versus GKS Katowice in the opening game of the save.


It's been a solid start, yet I feel like we're relying too much on set pieces. So, I'm making our DLF a AF, to make him more of a goal threat.


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We've been really good in the last two months, but the morale of the team was completely sapped after the Wisla loss, so I'm expecting us to fall out of the top two. Piech is 36, but he is a brilliant forward and mentor for this level.

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A backup midfielder goes back home for 40k.



Leszek, the stats are in our favor, man!


Decent month, which does see us drop to third however.


Miedz and Lodz are going to be hard to get past, we might have to get up through the playoffs.

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Only signing and will only be showing the top 4.


Kamil looks really good. He needs to work on his pace, but if he improves all his attributes by even one or two he'll be class.


I don't know what to make of Bartosz. He doesn't really fit anywhere except for striker, and he can't finish.


A very physical LB, with very little technical ability.


He looks really good, a high dribbling, pace, acceleration, flair, and technique is perfect for this system.

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We've done it! I just wanted to get through this season surviving and we got auto promotion on the last day!

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First signing of the offseason, former Schalke youngster Fleckstein will be a star CB for us next season.


Mala will be our defensive midfielder for next season, he's Mr. Well rounded.


Pacey winger Kinsombi is our new LW, he will be asked to run for days for us.


German-American striker Jurcher looks insane for the Ekstraklasa. He's going to replace Piech, and hopefully score plenty of goals for us.


Our new starting LB, Mario Muller is another pacey player, coming form Saarbrucken.


A backup (even though he's 4 stars) because he can play literally anywhere.


Our new starting keeper.


Backup forward comes in from Hannover.


One of two backup CBs to come in today.


Here is our new backup RB/CB

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The start to the season has been solid, we're dominating possession, even against Legia, Lechia, and Wisla.

Jurcher has 4 goals in 5 games, so he has been a good signing so far.

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