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Pre-season boot camp for U18 team?

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My impression is that a one week heavy physical boot camp is usually a great way to kick off pre-season. Among others, my interpretation of a Rashidi FM22 video was that he also does this.


My sparse experience is that it works well for the senior squad + U23 (England).


However, I don't know whether it is a good idea for the U18 team. I noticed that most players in the U18 team go from "fresh" to "low" jadedness after such a boot camp (unlike the senior squad and the U23's where pretty much anyone stays at "fresh" jadedness). And furthermore, that jadedness of the U18 players doesn't drop again. It stays at "low" for months if not the entire season.


My impression is that it is not about squad, but age. That most players aged 17 or younger suffer from a boot camp, stay at "low" jadedness for months if not the entire season.


So I wonder whether I should drop the idea of a one week boot camp for the U18's. What might be the best for the development of the players in the U18 team - one week boot camp to kick off pre-season, or a more normal/moderate/balanced schedule, sort of like whather the ass recommends?


Another idead might be to manually lower training intensity during boot camp for anyone aged 17 and younger? Perhaps set it to half intensity during that week?

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