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Hello. In my Frankfurt save, I signed Karim adeyemi. He was on fire the first 5 games scoring 6 goals from inside forward on suport. However He has dropped in form and hasnt been showing any traits of an IF often not cutting in ftom the wing. I switched to an inverted winger and he hasnt gotten any better. Any help. I am in october 2022


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Your team doesn't have a lot of attack duties so you wouldn't rush to the box right away as a team so you should use your IF on support as the player that speeds up the play and makes key passes since he has a high personal mentality out of all the support duties but the overlap forces your IF to hold up play which stifles his contribution in the final third. Also the right hand already has a defensive duty on the same side as your overlap which isn't necessary so remove the overlap. Try and use an attacking fullback instead and use a wingback on the opposite side so it can support the DLP and IF on attack , an fullback on support may be closer to the defensive line then the midfield.

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Karim Adeyemi is right-footed IIRC. While its not a hard and fast rule, IFs or IWs are usually better cutting in using their stronger foot. So for Adeyemi, might be worth playing him on the left rather than the right.

Also, and this is just a very personal view, but he has ferocious pace, so I'd consider using him on an attack duty so he can get behind the defensive line / break offside traps.

I've got him at Borussia Dortmund now (2027) he's an absolute monster for me, almost as good as the long-departed Haaland. Though I do use him in a very different way as a poacher (my tactical set up is very different from yours though).

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