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Different tactics?

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I am with Inter and managed to win league last year.

Bought a load of 'Leading Serie players' and loaded a default 4231. I pressed Edit Tactic and i had a tick next to Gegenpress and the 4231. 

In the 3 tactic slots i have this 4231, a preset 433 (short passing) and Venon and Faith tactic for when i play a 32212 formation on defensive.

My question:

On youtube players have one tactic and never alter it or change it to who they play? They often win leagues etc.

In my head the 4231 is when i am better, the 433 is for hard away games and the Venom is against defensive teams.

Am i wrong to do that? Should i just play the 4231 regardless?



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If your team is better than everyone else you can have one tactic that'll win every match. If you're a weaker team then probably one setup won't have the same results against stronger and weaker teams, but that's up to you.

I use the same tactic for every match regardless of where I'm managing, and I have a second tactic which is the same tactic but with time wasting instructions for the last 10 minutes.

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