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Contract offers in exchange deals


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I'm trying to negotiate this player called Brandão. After getting interested in an attacking midfielder, I offered his club a simple exchange deal, and they accepted - then I have negotiated contract terms with the player, who also accepted. However, Brandão refused to go to the other club.

I thought it would be better to make an offer for the attacking midfielder again, this time without including Brandão in the deal. They accepted, and when I went to talk with the player... I needed to negotiate everything again. Why? He already accepted the terms I offered. 

Of course, someone is going to say: well, what if he suddenly changes his mind and wants more money? Alright, this can happen, but just include an option called Use previous accepted terms. If the player thinks it still fine, he'll just accept the deal and you'll save a lot of time. If he wants improvements, then you go back and negotiate again.

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