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No transfer list etc

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Long time since I played the game. I took over Darlington and was expecting to be able to browse for players on the transfer list, see those out of contract etc but there is nothing there. Also all stats of players for other teams are blanked because they have not been scouted.


Is that the way the game is?



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The players are blank because of the hidden attribute is checked at the start of the game. It's an option you can toggle on or off at the start of the game. As you scout the player it's given as a range (eg 10-15) and can be anything in that range.

As for the transfer list, you should be able to filter by doing something like this:


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1 minute ago, KennyTheCaterpillar said:

Thank you very much.

Do thr majority of people play with hidden attributes?

It is on by default, so I assume quite a lot do. I know most challenges require it, at least, but if you just play it casually, then do whatever you'd like, :) 

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