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Tried to add a new nation to the european competitions and I messed it all up.


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Hi! I created a new nation called "Kauri" with new club teams and a complete league system. The clubs can play in UCL and so on without any problem. The thing is, the national team isn't playing any qualifiers nor the Nations League. Moreover, I tried to edit the competition and now it's not working at all anymore. For the nation I replaced the extinct nation "Zaire". Could anybody help me out? Thanks!

Kauri 2.0 (New Update+4 Leagues).fmf

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The Nations League is set for specific teams, you'll have to edit it to include your team. That can only be done in the advanced rules, and is made harder by the russia situation (there are 2-3 different versions of the Nations League rules due to that). The easiest method be to delete the new Nations League without russia and just keep the existing format replacing russia with your country. That's still not particularly easy though.

Here's a guide on how to edit international competitions

As for Euros/WC, the Euros are linked to the Nations League and the Euro (and possibly WC qualifiers) are set to a specific number of teams. So they'll need editing to adjust for the extra team too.

The absolute easiest way to do this would just be to use an existing base custom nation file somebody else has done, eg. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/560111-fm22-custom-nation-in-europe-updated-for-224/#comment-13357057
But that requires you to have used Ireland (pre-1922) as a base for your custom nation.


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