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A Few Things Bugging About FM...

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I'm a long-term player and older gentleman of playing FM, but there's a few things that have been getting on my wick for a while now about recent versions that I will share with you. I appreciate the game isn't perfect and not all of these will upset some, but I need to get them off my chest.

1. Coaching Attributes. Well attributes in general for staff really. Why do they never significantly go up after they have completed courses or been in the job for a while? We see older players physical stats deteriorate and technical stats go up rapidly, but not staff. Don't even get me started on older players ridiculous attribute dip...

2. Sports Scientists. Why on Earth do my board think that one is enough?? They refuse to budge on it. No point asking for extras in this department. Its a fat NO! I can have numerous physios but no extra sports scientists...

3. The absolute lack of decent Recruitment & Performance Analysts. Why am I scrambling around trying to sign an analyst with a 13 for analysing date? Why are they demanding hefty wages? Is there nobody out there with a higher value than 15 in this area??

4. Training. Why can't I Additional Focus train Fitness, Work Rate & Stamina in the individual players training screen? surely that would be quite easy to designate and improve if you have fitness coaches?

5. Unhappy with training from players. Why do I keep seeing it? Unhappy with the high amount, etc. I am only asking them to do their job and concentrate on an area they are weak in, so why complain? they never take it further so its a pointless remark.

6. Leadership coaching. It has its own drop down tab. But every time I send someone on this specialised course at extra cost, the player always says he got nothing from it and his leadership attribute doesn't budge.

7. Intense Language Courses. £500 a week per person for weeks on end? really? I'm in the wrong game! Manchester City, if that's what you are paying, Send every Jonny foreigner to me and ill do it for it for £100 a person...

8. Training courses for recruitment & performance annalist. Apparently if you are employed as one of these, you never want to better yourself so sending you on a course isn't an option. Tough.

9. Mentoring. Why can't my older players mentor the younger ones unless in the same team? it absolutely doesn't make any sense! for example, I have Harry Kane in my first team squad and I need him to help the U18s strikers. forget that! he isn't in the same squad! Absolutely ridiculous.

10. Retirement of older players. I appreciate it happens, but I've seen far too many refusing to take decent deals from, 'lesser teams', and finishing their careers far too early. Why not try to dumb down their expectations when they get a bit older?

just my thoughts.. 

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For point 1, I've had Milinkovic-Savic win world player of the year at 37/38 scoring 40 goals from midfield that season (in Austria) and my current star player is Mbappe:


He's 36 in 2 months, had a pretty bad injury with a torn hamstring in the last year and still hasn't fallen to pieces yet.

The reality is for a lot of things your mileage will vary so to speak. Because again look at data analysts in my save:


Some stuff doesn't make too much sense I agree, like the complaint about training never going any further and mentoring being squad specific. However, there are easy work arounds, promote the player and make available for the development squad relevant for example. 

The determination attribute taking hits is actually modelled on a whole variety of circumstances from football and typically reflects some kind of failing either on the players behalf or on your behalf managing that player. You can kill a players determination by giving them too much, too soon for example in terms of contracts. Poor determination throughout your squad can be a negative influence, mentoring can be a negative influence too on determination if the mentor is lower scoring in this area than the player being mentored. 

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