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Informal response to non-negotiable bids & Respond with last offer


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In a previous iteration of FM I am sure there was an option to use last offer when negotiating multiple offers. Essentially allowing you to copy and paste what you consider to be acceptable to the subsequent offers. I'd love to see this re-introduced. I know there is the accept and provide ultimatum to other clubs but this only works every now and again and its not something you can proactively select (I'd be happy if this was the option)


Secondly so many bids come through as non-negotiable there is no way of saying why you are rejecting them (e.g. squad status on a loan or the balance between fee and wages  or the inclusion of a wage contribution or no sell-on fee etc.) I'd love to be able to provide feedback on why I am rejecting that as some kind of informal negotiation to the club


Finally, I often offer players for loan and a typical offer will be 0 Fee, 100% wages and a Regular starter for my young kids (0-5k in wages); you get clubs offering that which is great BUT within a day you get clubs offering a fee and 20% wages on a fringe basis. Obviously they get rejected but having already accepted a bid there needs to be an option to reply with the acceptable bid from your perspective. Maybe an extension of that ultimatum thing that occasionally pops up..

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Would it also be possible to ORDER multiple transfer offers (that arrive at the same time) best to worst to make it easy to negotiate the best offer first and then cascade that to the rest of the offers

And with loans could you consider 4 things...

  1. When listing players some way of distinguishing between those being loaned for development vs those you're happy to let go out (older or unwanted players). The reason for this is that I would assume for young players the bigger clubs are less concerned about the financial aspect and more about their development so if my £500 a week player doesn't get a fee and we pay his wages but he gets to play a whole season the board should not be unhappy vs that expensive striker who I don't want but would like off the wage bill you'd expect them to want a fee and wage contribution
  2. When fees are included can you make it easier to understand the finances - the box on the right sort of tells you but its not clear. Maybe have it as a loan fee (total) with the monthly contribution in brackets and the section at the bottom to be loan fee (x) + wages (y) + future fee if one exists (z). = total
  3. Linked to 1) - A board expectation (not necessarily binding but indicative of their happiness) for the fee/wage contribution e.g. young players under a certain wage they're happy with no fee and low wages so long as the player is going to be a regular somewhere; for players over a certain wage but still needing development (future, youngster and breakthrough) no fee but some contribution to wages and players over a certain age / squad status a level of fee / contribution
  4. When agreeing to let a player go out on loan, 1) don't make it a promise - you are open to it so long as certain conditions are met and your agent can do some work to help drum up interest behind you listing them for loan & 2) when agreeing to a loan setting the conditions e.g. wage contribution, a fee etc so that when you reject stupid offers for a player you'd not necessarily want to see leave the squad they don't get arsey
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