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Defensive Shape, Attacking Movement + Match Practice every week?

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What do you think of the idea to make minor changes to the ass mans traning schedules every week, so that you have a day each week with the mentioned three sessions?


The idea is to make sure that players spend a considerable amount of time training their individual attributes (individual traning roles). When ass man does the team training, little to no time seems to be spent on individual traning. The idea is from FM Treq who discusses it here:


For me as a lazy, inexperienced and not perfectionist manager it makes sense. I don't want to squeeze every drop out of the game, I don't want to micromanage unless necessary, I don't want so much success that eventual domination is a foregone conclusion. So for me that idea might be suitable. Leaving team traning to the ass man instead of using OP plugin traning schedules. But doing the mentioned minor tweaks.

I have no idea whether this is actually a good idea though. Just sound like it might suit me at first glance. But input from you experienced, knowledgeable managers here would be great.

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2 hours ago, Crazy_Ivan said:

Doesn't get any easier than our very own @Rashiditraining breakdown. He even has a download option on this vid that makes it easier for you.


Thanks. I have looked through his channel earlier but never came across this video.

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