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The game is lying to you

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I love playing this game but the more I learn about the actual mechanics under the hood, I am beginning to get more and more disappointed with Sports Interactive.

For example, there is this youtube channel "Evidence based football manager" that clearly showed that the training sessions seem to train everything but the attributes they claim to train. At first he focused on the sessions in the "general" training section and there abosutely was NO connection between the description and the outcome.

In his most recent video he looked at the set-piece sessions and showed that the "upcoming match" bonuses are non-existing (or negligible at best) - but again - the attributes trained make no sense at all. For example, "attacking corners" does train a few attributes but the one attribute it does NOT train is "corners". And I can confirm to that as I have been having this bonus active for several seasons now and never has the corner attribute of my takers improved.

Even though not everything this youtube channel does makes 100% sense  (like training 7x the same session even though the upcoming match boost does not stack), the test conditions under which those experiments are conducted are absolutely "professional" and beyond any doubt. He creates an absolute "sterile" environment and does like 200-300 matches each.

Especially the video about the general training sessions made me question the game. I mean what else is going on under the hood which only has the desired effect in our imagination? 

I have put in so much work and effort to create perfect training plans for each and every week so that I have the upcoming match boosts active at all times (they last for 2 weeks) and also train the attributes i want to train. Only to learn now that those descriptions basically mean nothing. Disappointing!

After so many generations this game has been coming out each year, they didn't even bother to follow their own ingame-descriptions in the slightest, and have their customers (us) believe in them blindly, putting in hours after hours of our precious time in vain.

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