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Plays One Twos - good trait for attacking full backs / wing backs?

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I play a possession 4231 with overlapping CWB (s) on the left and FB (s) on the right.

If I train the overlappers to play one twos during passing build up play, is that a bad idea?

Is it better to have the Inverted wingers to play one twos?

I want to use the trait to help get around defenders when I am building an attack.

But I read that this trait is better used on the counter attack, so not sure what to do.




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It will invariably suit some players better than others with their attributes. Remember nothing stops the player from playing one-two's anyway, the PPM just increases the proclivity for it. On the flip side sometimes it can be problematic to try and shoehorn this on a player as they then try to do it in areas/spaces where its not suitable or they aren't capable enough with their attributes to pull it off.

PPM's in general can be helpful but you need to assess things like their technical ability and a big one is their flair/vision. Personally on a full back I prefer one-two's for a player who has speed but lacks dribbling and anything special in the passing department. It can allow that player to be freed up and move forward quickly rather than trying to beat his man with his ability on the ball.

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