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Non league tactic help!!

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Hi guys I’m currently doing a journeyman save starting off in the English non league but right now I’m really struggling to find a successful tactic! 

Do any of you have a proven tactic that will work in getting out of the English non leagues (Vanarama North & South) any help would be great!!

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Depending on your squad I'd go with a very simple 4-4-2. I absolutely blast non-league with the following.



Its really forgiving. You can have absolute dross to begin with.


In terms of players recruitment I look for everyone to have aggression, bravery, determination, teamwork, workrate and stamina. It might take time but that's your bedrock. Goalkeepers need shot stopping, jumping, aerial reach and if you're lucky kicking. Fullbacks need pace, tackling, positioning. Centrebacks need jumping, strength, heading and bravery. One of them needs high aggression. One midfielder needs positioning, tackling and stamina and the other one needs passing, vision and off the ball. One winger needs crossing, passing and vision. The other winger needs acceleration, pace, dribbling and balance, agility and flair if you can get it. One forward needs strength, aggression, team work, rate and stamina. The other needs acceleration, pace and finishing. Composure, anticipation, off the ball are a great too. You also want to slowly increase the number of players with good personalities and leadership. To begin with one or two leaders is fine.

One little tweak I sometimes like to employ is this. You stick your poacher on AF, you stick your more attacking winger on IW (it helps if you've got someone who likes to cut inside onto their stronger foot) and you set the CM inside him to CM(d). The IW exploits the space created by the CM dropping off and the AF driving forward. Its just one possible variation but you could definitely find other tweaks.



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