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Won the league with Millwall. Couldn’t be promoted.

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I won the league with Millwall. Get to June 1st and it sends another team up instead saying ‘…as Millwall couldn’t be promoted’. Anyone know why? No reason is given.

I am using the Editor, but only so i can alter Mbappe etc contracts to reflect reality i.e. him staying at PSG). It’s pretty annoying, being playing this save for a month, have already confirmed some transfers, but now I can’t go up

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Difficult to tell what the issue is- it could be something in your editing or maybe failing FFP regulations?  Stadium or facilities not being up to scratch will not stop a promotion as the game will just put you in another ground whilst yours is upgraded

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Thanks for replies. I worked out the issue. My Man City affiliation was ticked as ‘Permanent Deal’. The affiliation has to end to go up, so a permanent deal meant the team were like a Spanish B team club - can’t play in the same devision as the parent club. 

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