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[FM22] Australia Fantasy Pyramid

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I created an Australia league structure a few years ago and it was pretty popular on the Workshop. Given the lack of Australian edits that work with 22.4, I decided to make it again. Here's the background:

League Structure

  1. Isuzu A-League - 20 teams // bottom 3 relegated
  2. Qantas A-League 2 - 20 teams // top 3 promoted, bottom 4 relegated
  3. PS4 Premier Leagues - 80 teams split into 4 regional divisions // Champions promoted, bottom 2 of each region relegated
    1. NSW Premier League
    2. Queensland Premier League
    3. SAWANT Premier League (SAWANT = South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory)
    4. VICTAS Premier League (Victoria & Tasmania)
  4. Optus Championships  - 80 teams split into 4 regional divisions // top 2 of each region promoted
    1. NSW Championship
    2. Queensland Championship
    3. SAWANT Championship
    4. VICTAS Championship
  5. Caltex Lower Leagues - the rest of the teams in Australia (700 odd) play it out in their own regional divisions, further split into groups. To be honest, I couldn't be arsed making this league work properly but I wanted to house the teams somewhere. I'd recommend not actually adding this to your game. There's no promotion or relegation.


  • Australia Cup - all the teams in the pyramid
  • Dockerty Cup - teams in A-League 2 to the Championships
  • Host+ Super Cup - Australia Cup winner v A-League winner
  • EA Sports Challenge - the winners of the 8 regional divisions all play off in pre-season

Other tidbits

  • Brought back a few teams like Northern Spirit, Gold Coast United.
  • Created a couple of teams: Capital City FC (Canberra), Darwin FC, Alice Springs FC
  • North Queensland Fury are now Townsville Athletic. This is because Northern Fury are also in the game and it didn't seem to make sense to have both. Instead, these teams don't like each other and now play in the Townsville Derby
  • Speaking of derbies, I've added a bunch (still want to add a lot more.) For example, the Macarthur Derby (Macarthur FC v Macarthur Rams), the Spit Derby (Northern Spirit v Manly United) as well as Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle and Tasmanian derbies.
  • The population is booming and football has never been more popular. Teams should regularly sell out/get close to selling out their stadium. This is for teams right down the pyramid
  • All clubs from the Championships up are professional
  • A few clubs have been given sugar daddies to push competition
  • Despite this, you'll probably see some real struggles in the first couple of seasons as teams find their level
  • Boosted Australia's regen rating and transfer values to try and push competition
  • TV & Prize money is also pretty lucrative to push the league forward.
  • The structure is roughly: Championships/Premier Leagues on Friday night; A-League 2 Saturday evening; A-League Sunday evening, with TV pushing matches around
  • Added some new media sources (including Sydney Morning Herald, Optus, Keep Up, A-League Memes and some others)
  • Added a bunch of awards for each league; the A-League has the Johnny Warren Medal and Mark Schwarzer Award (best player and best goalkeeper). The Championship and Premier League awards are overall, not per region (I thought this might help with finding lower league gems)


One thing I have noticed is that if you view the awards of the lower leagues before the first award (Player of the Month) has been awarded, the game might crash, so be careful with that. Not sure if there's anything I can do about it.











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1.0.1 - 4 July 2022

  • Tweaked squad/matchday squad rules (limited foreigners to 6 and loans to 4 across all leagues)
  • Added all Oceania nations to 'Treat as non-EU'

1.1 - 5 July 2022

  • Added New Zealand Knights to the A-League
  • Moved Olympia Warriors to A-League 2, Lake Macquarie to NSW Premier League, Valentine Phoenix(??) to Lower Leagues
  • Added NZ rivalries (Knights & Phoenix + Auckland & Wellington teams)
  • Added New Zealand Derby (Knights v Phoenix)
  • Renamed Northern Fury to North Queensland Fury (Northern Fury, like Western United, is a terrible name)
  • Added some more Perth derbies:
    • Inglewood v Bayswater, ECU Joondalup v Wannero, Floreat Athena v Subiaco, Stirling Macedonia v Balcatta

Australian Fantasy Pyramid.fmf


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  • tommysvr changed the title to [FM22] Australia Fantasy Pyramid
5 hours ago, ppflanel said:

Gotta say, half a season underway with New Zealand Knights. This is the best fantasy database concerning Australia. Thanks for this one @tommysvr!

Glad to hear that! Thanks mate. Let me know if you have any other suggestions as you move through the seasons.

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  • 4 weeks later...

2.0 - Big Changes!

- Added New Zealand to the pyramid; NZ Premier League, Championship and 5 leagues below

- Added 5 more levels to the pyramid, matching the exisiting structure

- Introduced a Playoff system for promotion from the Premier Leagues to A-League 2. 5 subdivisions meant 5 relegations, which I felt was too many. Instead, the 5 Premier League Champions playoff for 2 promotion spots. This makes it extra challenging to get into the 2nd division!

- Added regional cups; Dockerty Cup (Victoria), Waratah Cup (NSW), Chatham Cup (NZ), Queensland Cup, Ghan Cup (SAWANT)

- The Australia/FFA Cup is now the ANZAC Cup (seemed to make sense to properly welcome NZ)

- The Dockerty Cup from the previous file is now the Johnny Warren Cup

- Brought back Canberra Cosmos!

Australia Fantasy Regional Pyramid.fmf

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