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[FM21] The Pitbull-Stories (Willem II & The Three Lions)

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Hey all!

Decided to do a journeyman-save and jump into the role of one of my childhood-heros: Edgar Davids!

A legendary dutch midfielder, who spoke his mind and didn't take any sh*t. Davids was a hard working midfielder, playing for Ajax, Milan, Juventus, Barcelona and Inter. For years he was an important pillar in the dutch national team. But he was also known for his escapades. His former coach Louis van Gaal once dubbed him as «The Pitbull».

But so far a mediocre trainer with one spell at Barnet as playing coach and a short time as Manager in Olhanense, Portugal (and since a month assistant from Louis van Gaal in the dutch national team). Let's see, if we can change that.

Here's our man:


Looks like he's ready for work. We're starting unemployed and will look, where the journey will bring us. The Database is quite big, so everything is possible.


Selected Nations / Leagues

- Argentina (viewable)
- Austria
- Brazil (viewable)
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- Danmark
- Germany
- England 
 - France
- Greece
- Israel
- Italy
- Luxembourg
- Netherlands
- Norway
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania
- Russia
- Serbia
- Spain
- Switzerland
- Turkey
- Ukraine



AS Jeunesse Esch (Luxemburg)


2020 - 2022

2x Winner Nationaldivison (2021 / 2022)
1x Winner Coup de Luxemburg (2022)

Willem II Tilburg


2022 -

1x Winner KNVB beker (2023)

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The Pitbull-Stories

Job Search

So Edgar was a man on demand. He got man job interviews and applied for some free vacancies. In the end, he had 26 interviews - across europe. From Bulgaria over Switzerland till the third division of Greece. Some projects were interesting, others were just a waste of time. In the end Davids deceided to start his journey in Luxembourg!


AS Jeunesse Esch is actually the record champion from Luxembourg. But they're struggling in the resent past. The last won championship was in 2010. 


Lets see, if the dutch pitbull can change this!

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The Pitbull-Stories


First steps

Jeunesse is a semi-professional club. So the budget is small and we can't spend much money. First of all, Davids want anything to do with the media. As a player he once gave a interview, where he insulted Bondscoach Guus Hiddink - after that he was sent home from the Euro '96. So because of his temper, he will send his assistant to the press conferences. But in Esch the staff is small. And because we got no assistant manager, Davids commisions the fitness manager to answer the questions of the journalist.

Also there is no HoY, no DoF and no Scout. Something Davids suddenly is going to change. He don't want to be responsible for the Youth and all the contract work. So this three fellas join our staff.










The Squad

We've got a quite big squad. 33 Players are listed. Thats enorm and definetly too much. And the team is also very unbalanced. We have quite many options in the offensive, but just a few in the defense. Key players are Bryan Nouvier on the left wing, Stélvio in the middle and defense and the international expierenced Moussa Maazou. Some of you maybe still know him from his spells at Monaco, Bordeaux and ZSKA Moscow. 




Yeah what should i say. According to the motto «If you don't have a defence, the offensive have to win the game», Davids will play with a very attacking and also risky formation. «But who needs a good midfield? We've got brilliant strikers!», is the dutchmans conclusion. Let's hope, that this won't backfires and cost his job...


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The Pitbull-Stories


August - December 2020



Well, i was a bit concerned about the tactic, but in the first two games totally hits! The offensive football, that Davids let play is too much for Differdingen and Una Strassen. 5-0 and 6-1 we smash them. 11 goals in two games - not bad. But then we lost to Hamm Benfica, which probably scouted as and knew, that they just have to have a solid defense and set a good counter. But this one and the one against Etzella Ettelbrück are the one losses in the first half of the year. Im also surprised, that we conced just a few goals. Maybe the tactic is a stroke of genius, but more likely than that the niveau in Luxemburg is just too bad. :lol:


We are on the second place. One point behind the surprising leader Mondorf. Especially Fola Esch and Düdelingen with a really disappointing start. If it stays like that, Edgar Davids sees himself already in a better league. 



In the Coupe the Luxemburg we entered the quarterfinals. After two easy wins, we needed a bit luck in the fourth round. Now we face FC Una Strassen.

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The Pitbull-Stories


January - March 2021



After a "little" winterbreak, who lasts three months, we made again a furious start. We beat Progrés Niederkorn and the famous Düdelingen, just to lose afterwards against Una Strassen, which is battling relegation.

In March we get a thight win against Hamm Benfica, before putting an exclamation mark with a 4-1 win in the top game against Mondorf! But again, we lost after a brilliant performance at home against Ettelbrück and in the last game of the month, we picked up a late point in Wiltz.

Player of the month was without any discussion Moussa Maazou. The 32 year old scored in 5 of 7 games!


Still battling with Mondorf for the place on the sun! But also titleholder Fola Esch catches up!

Meanwhile our Chief Scout Mbo Mpenza decided to switch to St. Pölten, which is playing in Austria's second divison. Big loss for us.

Youth Intake

Sadly no future Luxemburg-Star in here. Best player is german Göktug Ciftci. But sadly playing in a position, we don't have in any system and probably has no physically conditions for international football.





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The Pitbull-Stories


Will Edgar Davids win the championship in his first season and with that tactic? For now everything went well and the pure offensive is dominanting the league, but can they do that till the end?



First our Coupe-run. After two luckly won penalty-shootout, our luck was used up. In the Semi Final we lost against our rivals form Fola Esch.



Short story: We won all our games, except two losses against Fola Esch (again!) and Düdelingen and a draw against Progrés Niederkorn. The championship we can allready celebrate after the win against Titus Pétange. In the end we played a really good and consistent season. The gap to the second place is nine points. So Edgar Davids crowns Jeunesse Esch champion again after more then ten years.


The players made Edgar proud.



Bryan Nouvier wins "Player of the Year Award". With 22 assists more than deserved!


Little Spoiler: Ferreira (2nd place) and Dinaj (3rd place) will both play in Esch next season -  we snapped them up on a free contract :brock:


Player Stats



Well, the offensive was bagging! Maazou, Klica, Kyei and Tutu scored all more than 10 goals! But the best man was with no doubt Bryan Nouvier - a player who is actually wide more better than everyone in the league. In the summer we now reduce the squad. Some players didnt play a role this season. Some of them allready have new club, others leave for free. 


Actually Davids is trimmed for victory. If he wins something with a club, he gets bored and wants to leave for something bigger and better. But he don't want to leave Esch allready after a season. They're on a good track now, glory is back and now the finance can be redeveloped. And also there is a chance for Europe. "If we can confirm this performances next season, then bigger clubs will contact me", he's sure.


The Budget for the coming season looks allready bit better. Not much money, but something Edgar can work with.


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The Pitbull-Stories


Transfers Summer 2021




Basically we released a bunch of players without big qualities to reduce our squad. Biggest lost is probably Stélvio. We couldnt extend his contract, because his wage demand was too high.



We snapped up some big players from the league on free. Including top goal scorer Gent Dinaj and probably one of the best Luxemburg strikers with David Turpel. More in the squad overwiew.




Michel Witte came from Ettelbrück and will be our new Number 1. Pretty happy with this signing. Lucas Fox will remain as Number 2.






Demo Koida and Yannick Babo came on loan from the Netherlands and are two good new options for our defensive sides. Diallo and Todorovic will play in the center with Brito as other valuable option. Lapierre can play on both sides. Dervisevic has no chance.








With Vaccaro and Gustavo we get two good signings for the central midfield. On the offensive sidelines Nouvier and Maazou will still be the first options.








Still a pretty good offensive team. For Turpel we smashed big cash out, but couldnt let a player like this play in the second division. Dinaj scored 23 goals for Mondorf last season. Now he's on the hunt for us. Tutu, Kyei and Klica are also still here. Ferreira will rotate with Maazou on the right wing.








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The Pitbull-Stories


July - August 2021



We were drawn against slovenian side Maribor in the first path of the champions way to the Champions League. In Maribor we faced an early goal against us. And even, if the slovenias played with ten men from minute 39 on, we couldn't score and lost with 0:1. In the second leg, the slovenias scored again an early goal and leaded with 0:2 after 52 minutes. Then Maazou equalized with a quick double pack. One minute before the end Kyei even scored the winner, but Maribor went through due to the away goals to the next round. A very unlucky out.




So after that we could proof ourselves in the new Europa Conference League. Against Shamrock we started again with a defeat. Unfortunately it didnt looked better in the rematch, seeing the irish scoring in the ninth minute. But goals from Vaccaro und Maazou brought us back in the game and this time we had the luck on our side and qualified for the next round through away goals.

Albanian side Shkendija Tetovo then was no real opponent. Winning at home with 4:0 and in Albania with 3:0 secured us the next round with an overall goal difference of 7:0.

Last opponent before the group stage was cyprian side Omonia Nikosia. In cyprus we draw goalles, so we were a bit under pressure. But the team wanted europe so bad. Turpel with a doublette and Gustavo secured us the group stage with a 3:0 victory in the rematch! So we are going to europe - what a success!

And there we probably got drawn into the hardest group possibly. Didnt see us having real chances against Frankfurt and Bologna. But we will fight and give our best.


But Europe brings us money! With this amount, we allready could redevelop our finances!




In the league our new striker Gent Dinaj was on fire. Scoring 8 goals in the first 4 games. With his four goals against Ettelbrück he also set a new record for the most goals in a game. 


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The Pitbull-Stories


September - December 2021



Not really a surprise after the good first season and now strengthen up with the new signings: We go unbeaten through the first half of the season. Especially Dinaj and Turpel were showing their skills in front of the goal.




In the Coupe we also secured our way through to the quarter final. Only the game against Progrés Niederkorn was tight. 




Definitely without a chance we were in the Europa Conference League. Things starteted absolutly worse with a 2-6 loss in Danmark. Against Bologna and Frankfurt we played better at home, Eintracht scored a late winner at Minute 93.. But in the rematches we were without any chances. Only firework we set with a 4-4 draw against Aalborg, which gave us the only point in this competition.


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The Pitbull-Stories


January - March 2022



Because of the winterbreak just five games in three months. But Etzelle Ettelbrück inflicts us the first defeat this season. Weeks before we were allready a bit lucky, when we won 4-3 against Rümelingen, which is battling relegation. 


Seven games to go and a gap of eight points to Mondorf. Looks like we're on track.



Without any problems we go through to the semifinals. Wiltz is a good opponent for us this season. In the first league game, we allready beat them 6-1.


Youth Intake


One really great player with Contini, who's allready playing on Nationaldivison-Niveau. But obviously on a position, we dont have in our system...





Edgar Davids was invited to some Job-Interviews. FC Basel, AEK Athens, Austria Vienna and FK Rostow all wanted the Dutch-Pitbull on the bank. But none of the clubs really interested Davids, but still he went to each interview, just for fun. Therefore Basel, Athens and Vienna decided, to take an other coach. Rostow still showed interest and wanted to engage Davids. But he wasn't interested in a move to russia and declined the job.





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The Pitbull-Stories


April - Mai 2022



Well, what should i say. We were dominating till the end. The championship we secured allready on 17. April with a win over chaser US Mondorf. The rest was just a show run till the end of the season.




In the final of the Coupe de Luxembourg we faced our rival Fola Esch. It wasn't a easy game, bot teams neutralised each other. Goal chances were rare. But five minutes before the whistle, the substituted Gent Dinaj started a solo and hammered the ball into the left corner. What a goal from the kosovarian which secured us the double!




Player Stats


Turpel and Dinaj, two players with the lowest salaries, delivered this season. Nouvier wasnt that good like in the season before, but had still a good round. Witte was a brillant signing in the goal and Vaccaro and Gustavo dictated the midfield. Even if important players like Nouvier, Kyei and Tutu didnt wanted to sign a new contract and leave for free now, the team is well positioned.

Also the club is on a solid foundation. The ECC run this season brought incomes from close to five millions. With this starting position Jeunesse could become champion over the next years, if they keeping up the work.

For Davids the work in Luxembourg is now over. Jeunesse wanted to renew his contract and offered him two million euros as transfer budget - but he declined. The dutchman wants to start a new chapter and proves himself somewhere else. The ink is not yet dry, but for Edgar its time to go back home. 

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The Pitbull-Stories


Edgar has a new job! After two years in Luxembourg he moves back home and become the new coach of Willem II. A beautiful club, lets see, if Davids can bring them joy and victory. Last season Willem finished on 10th place, the season before 11th. 


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  • DaNascimento changed the title to [FM21] The Pitbull-Stories (Willem II)

The Pitbull-Stories



The Team

This is the team, which i found in the middle of june. It's more or less the same, like it will be on the start of the new season.



Brazilian Ricardo Friedrich will be our number one. A proper sweeper keeper. Behind we have with Maarten Schut a young talent, which has massive potential.



On the right side we have with Leeroy Owusu and Silvan Sidler a good duo. Left will Derrick Köhn an Raoul Petretta rotate. Both are on the same level. In the center Musah Nuhu and Marios Oikonomou are the first options. Captain Freek Heerkens, Dimitris Goutas and Ulrik Yttergard Jenssen will challenge for some minutes.



Solid options in midfield. Driess Saddiki is one of the stars in the team. But also Carlo Casap, Görkem Saglam and Julien de Sart are decent options for the three spots in the middle. Alexander Merkel and Eden Shamir are backups.

On the offensive wings we have with Che Nunnely and Max Svensson two other important players. John Yeboah is a very quick player and Levan Shengelia will be the backup on the right side. Young Ringo Meervald is recovering from a long injury and will be no option for now.



Jorge Obregón and Okyere Wriedt will battle for the one attack spot. Luca Pfeiffer is only option number three.




Finances looks ok on the first look. But now comes the point: The former management has pulled all the buying clauses from every loan player of this season. So Pfeiffer, Nuhu, Petretta and Oikonomou will all stay here and the transfer and wage budget is allready usep up or overdrawn. So we will have a hard year incoming or sale some players in winter, because in summer there was no big interest. 

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The Pitbull-Stories


July - August 2022



A good pre-season, but no surprise because we played against three kosovarian sides, which were not really competitive.

After the impressions of the three games, we decided to play with a 4-3-3 on wing play.




We didnt had the strongest start program, but i was still impressed about our performances. NAC Breda we smashed on an early season opener with 4:0 away. Casap scored allready after ten minutes from the penalty point. After an hour Obregón and Nunnely increased to 3:0 before the substituted Wriedt provided the final score.

The ghanaian striker was also the hero against Almelo, scoring seconds after his substite the only goal of the match. Also with 1:0 we won again Go Ahead Eagles and Emmen. No footballing treats, but effective results. They bring us on the top of the table for now.


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The Pitbull-Stories


September - October 2022



So after our furious start, september proofs, that we're still human, and i'm almost a little happy for that. In Alkmaar we take the lead, but AZ can turn things around. The defeat against FC Eindhoven would not have been necessary then, but after Nunnely scored the opener, we stopped playing, conceded the equalizer and Said scored the late winner (90.) for the hometeam.

At least the team showed a reaction with two wins over Groningen and Twente. The last three points were particulary important, because Twente showed good performances in the weeks before.

October was not really good. We can secure a good win against Sparta, but then we draw goalless against Sittard. Against Feyenoord we didn't had the slightest chance and the loss in Arnheim was avoidable. So, after all, we're still in a good position, but the other clubs are catching up.





In the KNVB beker we faced non league side Barendrecht. Time for a big rotation. Wriedt was in a excellent form and scored six out of the ten goals. Also Shengelia convinced with a hattrick. In the second round we now meet Dordrecht. 

But first we have now a two month winter break, due to the world championship in Qatar. But sadly, the netherlands weren't able to qualify for the tournament. In the group-round they became second behind Austria. In the playoffs they first beat Bosnia, before they lost 2:1 against Poland in the Final.

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The Pitbull-Stories


November - December 2022

No matches in this two months due to the World Cup in Qatar. So lets have a look, how the tournament ended. None of our players had participated.

Group A


Switzerland and Ghana through. The US-Boys are narrowly eliminated.

Group B


Easy group for Brazil. Senegal also gets through.

Group C


Croatia and Mexico gets through. Danmark has to go home.

Group D


The ultimate death group. With Argentina we have the first big team, which is eliminated in the group stage.

Group E


Both european teams are out. Ivory Coast and Colombia in the knockout stage.

Group F


The two big favorites without problems.

Group G


Also no surprise. England and Belgium qualifies without problems.

Group H


This is probably the biggest surprise. South Korea and Poland qualifies for the knockout stage, while France and Uruguay has to go home.

Knockout Stage


No big surprises here (England once more lost a penalty shootout), except Senegal, who made it through to the semifinals. Germany and Spain meet again in the final, while the germans win the last normal World Cup. Next one comes with more teams and a new group stage.


One christmas info from Willem, but unfortunately not a good one. We will have a pretty bad Youth Intake.


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The Pitbull-Stories


January - February 2023



Ajax probably still was recovering from the new years party, so we could steal a point from Amsterdam. Zwolle and Utrecht afterwards were good games with no goals conceded. Against PSV we were without a chance, and in Heerenveen and Sparta we showed again our minimum performance with two 1-0 wins. Probably our most played result.

In Sittard we surprisly scored three goals. A hattrick from Casap with two goals at stoppage time secured us a win. But then nothing worked anymore. Against Almelo we draw at home and a week after we lost to Vitesse. Also in Breda, which we smashed with 4-0 on the first game, we couldn't score. The low point was then a 0-3 loss in Zwolle.


But we are lucky, that our opponents also play very inconsistently. So we can keep the good 4th place so far. 


Two players left us in the winter, due to we still have to make some wage cutes to stay within the budget. Captain Freek Heerkens left to China. Levan Shengelia plays now for Hajduk Split. For both players we get a good value.



In the cup a 1:0 win is also on the daily order. Against league 2 side Dordrecht, we win through a late penalty. In Sittard we needed a goal in the extension and in the quarter final again a late goal from Casap secured us through to the semifinal. There we face Alkmaar!

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The Pitbull-Stories


March 2023



Unfortunately a loss in Groningen, but the team reacts with three wins in a row. Nunnely and Wriedt carry this team!


We're tumbling out of the european qualification places. But still a really solid season so far.



Semifinal in Alkmaar, and again, Nunnely is balling. Scoring two goals in the first 25 minutes that brings us into the final! Didn't expect that on the beginning of the season. Now we face PSV - a though match.


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The Pitbull-Stories


April - May 2023



We take another point against Ajax! But they were allready champions and spared some important players. We still had trouble against the young and scored a really late equalizer. Better it went in Twente, where we could win with 3-0. Against Feyenoord it followed a goalless draw, before we lost against Emmen and Alkmaar.

In Eindhoven we made a heroic comeback in the second half. But PSV also spared some regular players, because they were allready save on the second place. The season we finished, like we mostly played in this year: With a 1-0 win over Heerenveen.


Ajax played in their own league this year. For us, the fourth place is a brillant result! On the other end of the table, Sparta Rotterdam, NAC Breda and Go Ahead Eagles face relegation.


With 16 clean sheets. Ricardo Friedrich absolutely deserved the Goalkeeper of the season award.


Youth Intake


With Schoonbrood we get a really good future prospect!




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The Pitbull-Stories


KNVB beker Final



So we get surprisely through to the final and face PSV. "The only chance is, that we don't really have a chance", was Davids message to his team. And they didn't show any fear or respect to the big opponent.

After four minutes Saglam brought a free kick from the right side into the penalty box. There was a big mess, but Nunnely kept the overview and smashed the ball into the net! Really early lead for us!


But PSV suddenly stroke back. A long ball from Diomandé took Antonisse volley from the penalty box border and hammered the ball into the goal. 1-1! Nice goal, but not good for us.


Afterwards the game was even, like its normal in a thrilled cup final. 

After a bit more than half an hour it was again Saglam, who had a brillant idea. Getting the ball in the midfield, he played a long ball to Svensson, who was entering in the penalty box, shot and placed the ball in the bottom short corner!


Then the game went on both sides. We had in total 14 shots on target - PSV 11, but wasn't really dangerous. In the end we also had a bit luck. Five minutes before the whistleblow, substituted Nelson Monté scored the equalizer. But the goal didnt count, because he was offside! In the last minutes nothing happened anymore and Willem and Davids won their first throphy! It was actually the first Trophy for Willem since 1963!


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The Pitbull-Stories


End of Season-Review


As you can see, we have four players, which have an important pillar in the team with an average rating over 7,00. But lets take a closer look to the squad.




Ricardo Friedrich, a brillant sweeper keeper, made 16 clean sheets in 34 league games! I was actually planing to give talented Maarten Schut some play-time this season, but the brazilian then played so well and was a strong back, that i couldn't made changes on that position. So Schut only played three cup games. Aiming to loan him out next season.



Musah Nuhu was a really good signing from the old management. A strong tackler with high jumping reach. Alongside the ghanaian mostly played Marios Oikonomou, another decent new signing. Dimitris Goutas was okey, but didnt catch up for a new contract and is leaving now. Di'Shon Bernard was a winter loanee from our new affiliate club Manchester United. 

On the left side, Derrick Köhn and Raoul Petretta wer rotating. Their performances were okey, but i hopped for some more assists. On the right side the same issue. Owusu and Sidler were decent, but not more.



In the middle, Görkem Saglam and Carlo Casap were very important. The rumanian made good performances as B2B-player and scored 8 goals. Saglam was more the creative part, assisting 13 goals. Behind them Driess Sadiki was the one for the robust things in the defensive part. De Sart was okey, but couldn't leave a lasting impression. Merkel will leave as a free agent.

On the right wing, Che Nunnely probably was the player of the season. A really quick winger with a good finish. Behind him i wanted to build up youngster Hafid Jahaoui, after Shengelia left in winter. But hell, that lad is unfortunately more injuried, than he can play.

Left wing was all to Max Svensson. Probably one of the best players of the league, if he wants. But his performances were unfortunately only rarely outstanding. From a player like this i expect more than just four goals and one assist. 



Obregón had a good start, but after the winter break he had help out on the wings and lost scoring power through that. Okyere Wriedt was our best scoring player. A really good striker with no cons and just pros. Luckly he signed a new contract. Pfeiffer wasn't able to set some good impressions. We want to get rid of him in summer. Misidjan is a nice prospect, which i wanted lead in to the squad, but obviously he isn't ready for Eredivise-Football yet.



Through the cup-victory and the 4th place we also get a little financial boost. Five millions for transfers and 165K wage budget. I think, we can work with that!

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Quick look at my former club Jeunesse Esch. A german guy was the successor of Edgar Davids.





In the league they played well and became champions again. So lools like, we built up a good fundament. International they qualified for European Conference League again. Beat even Anderlecht, but lost all the other games and withdraw.


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vor 16 Stunden schrieb karanhsingh:

Great work with Willem II, especially winning the cup! 

Are you moving again or will keep progressing them?

thanks! was also a bit surprised :D

i will stay, at least for one more sear. had an offer from slavia prague (played there already in fm18), but declined.

will try to get some more success with willem, even its really hard to be competitive with ajax and psv.

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The Pitbull-Stories


Transfers Summer 2023


First of all, this are the three lads, which our DoF brought into the club by himself. With that three transfers i'm not that happy. Dejan Stojanovic is a needless signing. With Friedrich we have the best keeper from the past season in our squad. Behind him we have a talented youngster. So another keeper with regular player potential only brings conflicts and bad mood.

Ondrej Petrák is a decent and routine option, but also more a nice to have than a necessary option. Especially since we brought in a new formation and don't need the DM in every game.

And Pesic? Well certainly a good striker for Eredivisie, but overaged and overpaid. The board wants us to sign players under 23, not over 30, like our DoF does it. 









A quick look to the other new signings. Johnston the urgent necessary third option for the CD spot. Krastev and De Winter are two loan incomings. De Winter can play in CM or RB and Krastev is a brilliant option for the APM-spot. 

With Kavic we signed a talented bosnian striker with huge potential. He comes with the recommendation of 20 goals in the last season at Nurnberg. Saku Ylätupa, a former Ajax-Youngster will be the back up for Nunnely on the right wing. And for Etienne Amenyido we smashed out the most money. He can play on the left wing or as striker.
















Only mentionable is the sale from Saglam to Fenerbahce. After a brillant season he goes back to Turkey and brings us close to 10 Millions in.





Friedrich has the place in goal, after his brillant past season. Stojanovic finds himself first on the bench. That will probably get spicy. Schut i actually wanted to loan out, but no club had interest. Loans are actually quit frustrating in this FM. Not one side from the dutch second tier ever shows interest. Just offers from portugals second side-teams or from germany are coming in.



Next to Nuhu are Johnston, Oikonomou and Petrák battling for the second spot in CD. On the wing back nothing has changed.



Saddiki, de Sart, Krastev and Casap (which reject an offer from Union Berlin) are good options for the central midfield. As backups Petrák and De Winter can play there also.

On the right wing we have with Nunnely and Ylätupa very well options. On the left wing can play Svensson, Meerveld, Obregón and Amenyido.



A bit too much players for just one spot. That's why Obregón and Amenyido will mostly play on the wing. 

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The Pitbull-Stories


August 2023


As cup-winner we started in the last qualification-round, the playoffs for the Europa League. And we weren't lucky in the drawn. With Galatasaray we get one of the thoughest possible opponents. Both games were really balanced and in the end we fail on one away goal. 


That means, that we are playing in the Europa Conference League. And yeah, obviously on the group draw we again had no luck and get one of the balanced and thoughest group. For comparison: Feyenoord is together with Ludogorez Rasgrad (Bulgaria), NK Aluminji (Slovenia) and Kolos Kovalivka (Ukraine) in a group. :applause:but yeah, we should rather win our games than complain.





Six point out of two games, looks good. The performances however were more likely "a horse only jumps as high as it has to". Against newly promoted Venlo we had a hard time, but won with 2-1 in the end. At home against Almelo we secure three points due to two late goals from Krastev and de Sart.


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Posted (edited)

The Pitbull-Stories


September - October 2023



Well, not really what we expected. Looks like the season is going to be an up and down. September shows that really good. We lost in Emmen in a truly horrible game. Than we can secure three points against Twente with a late goal. And in the end we draw goalless against Zwolle. In general we lack any goal threat so far.

October isn't much better. Only a win against Groningen and no power and precision infront of the goal.


Surprisly we're still in the 6th place. But much more probably won't be possible this season. PSV and Ajax are just above all other teams. Especially in financial terms. Take in several millions in every transfer windows and splash the money out for new players. In this case, the other teams can't keep up.




Same picture international. We start well with a win over Austria Wien. And then we crashed really hard. 0-3 against Midtjylland and 0-4 in Genk. That was poor and not competitive at all. So now we're already under pressure.


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The Pitbull-Stories


November - December 2023


Things started bad, while we lost 0-3 against Feyenoord and again had no chance against one of the "big three". After that we get calculated six points against the tweo newly promoted sides Nijmegen and Den Haag. And then there was Ajax. We played pretty well, went in the lead, but lost 2-3 in the end. Also the expected problems occurred: Stojanovic wasn't happy with his backup-role and was absent from training. So we will get rid of the keeper in january. No time for bad mood and problems.


Last month of 2023 was better again. Two tight wins against Eindhoven and Heerenveen, a good game against Sittard and a goalless draw in Alkmaar to end the year.


We remain on the 6th place.



Amateurside Blau-Geel '38 was no challenge. Sliding into round 3, where we face Groningen.




What a dramatic rescue and exit out of the group stage! It was the complete opposite of the first three game. At home, we smashed Genk 5-3 (in Genk we lost 0-4) and brought us back to business. But then away in Vienna an utterly unnecessary 0-1 loss crashed our hopes and gave us an end game against Midtjylland. A though and tight game was decided by an early goal from Svensson. And because Genk and Vienna draw, we jumped on to the second place and get through to the Knockout-Stage!


There we play against Universitatea Craiova. A doable go.


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The Pitbull-Stories


January - February 2024


January was a horrible month. Looked like the players were still in christmas holiday. First we got knocked out of the cup in Groningen. Then Feyenoord smashed us with 0-5 and also against PSV we couldn't get points.

In February things weren't still go better. A goalless draw again Venlo to begin. Then finally the first three points in 2024 with a 2-1 win in Almelo! But Ajax fastly showed us, that the gap to the topteams still is huge. Against FC Eindhoven, the last in the table, we won through a late winner from Johnston and in Heerenveen again no goals. Overall four goals in eight games is just a total shame.


We lost one place in the table.

Also new players came in. Providence and Birindelli by the DoF and Ashimeru as further option in central midfield. Pesic (on loan) and Stojanovic (to Sparta Rotterdam for free) left the club.










Not that convincing performances. In Romania we lost 1-2, but at home we turned things around. Krastev before the break and Obregón nine minutes before the end get us through to the second knockout-round. There the next clash will be again with Genk. The belgians we allready played in the groupe stage.


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The Pitbull-Stories


March - April 2024



Still no progress in the league. Some wins, but mostly rubbish play and another four losses. The only joy: I bring in youth gem Stef Schoonbrood and he suddenly scores twice! But obviously: We are not able to build on the good performances of the previous season.


Ajax will be champion again, after PSV utterly play rubbish, after Coach Roger Schmidt left to Leipzig. For us it will probably be place 7. Sittard and Eindhoven go down.


Youth Intake


Another nice keeper and top prospect Raimond Dekker. Nice stats, but unfortunately he's unambitious...






Well, what should i say? International we show a total different faces than in the league. We throw out two big belgian clubs. Wriedt takes care of Genk single-handedly. Against Anderlecht we draw at home and the second leg was also goalles till Amenyido scored the winner in the 114th minute and sent us to the sem-final! Unbelievable!

There we have a salty duel :brock:


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The Pitbull-Stories


May 2024



We finish the Eredivisie-Season like we played the whole year: with decent performances. Against Twente we lost 0-2. At least we could win the least game in Sittard and Misidjan scored his first goal!

In the Playoffs for the european qualification we faced Utrecht. The home game we won 1-0. But away we again played rubbish and lost 1-3. So there will be no international football for us next season.

Accidently i forget to make a screenshot of the end-table. But we finished the season on place 7.




I really don't know what happened with the team. The performances in the Europa Conference League were way better than in the league. While Feyenoord smashed us 0-5 in January, now we completey are level and even beat them twice! In the first leg, Wriedt scored the late winner. In the second leg Krastev leads us into the Final with two goals! Who would have thought that, after we were allready on the exit-road in the group stage?!


Yeah, but i think, this might be one step too big for us now...

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The Pitbull-Stories




Europa Conference League Final

With a good run and heroic performances we made it to the final in Paris. There we faced Arsenal London - an unequal duel.


Friedrich vs. Leno / Köhn vs. Tierney / Nunnely vs. Saka or Svensson vs. Asensio: It was quickly clear where the bigger stars were playing. We just wanted to keep the game even for as long as possible. But, unfortunately the plan was ruined after only 25 minutes. Asensio scored the opener for Arsenal. And it became much worse. Not even a minute later Martinelli increased to 2:0. That double blow had broken us. We didn't found back to the game and Martinelli scored the 3:0 before the break. 

So the motto for the second half was damage limitation. And we succeeded, perhaps also because arsenal stepped back a gear. The second half remained goalless. Arsenal is the third english team, that wins the Conference League after Southampton and Chelsea. We were close on the title, but in the end the joy about the good competition remains.



Three of our player made it into the squad of the season.


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The Pitbull-Stories


End of Season Review


Defence with ok performances, even if we conceded a bit too much goals. Offensive, especially the wings, with a rubbish season.




Ricardo Friedrich again with a strong season. A really stong keepers. Actually planed to give Schut some playtime, but the brazilian oldie was quite too good to replace him.



On the left wing Köhn and Petretta are decent options. On the right wing loanee Birindelli took the spot from winter on. Owusu is a good option, but not more. He brings to less power in our game. Sidler failed to gain much playtime and will leave now.

In the central defence Nuhu and Oikonomou were the duo. Johnston was quite a dissapointment and could not recommend himself. Petrák didn't suit up in my tactic and formation (after Stojanovic the second free transfer from our DoF), so he's allready leaving after just one year.



Carlo Casap, i just love that player. Our strongest weapon in central midfield! Next to the romanian Julien de Sart played the most time and stole the place from Saddiki. Ashimeru was option number 4.

Loanee Krastev took over the new part in offensive midfield. We would have like to extend the loan from the bulgarian, but Porto didn't wanted. 

The wings were a bit a tragedy this season. Only ones who could convince were Svensson with seven goals and promising prospect Schoonbrood who showed his potential in the end of the season when we brought him into the squad. Nunnely unfortunaltey with a garbage season. Also Ylätupa couldn't step in and convince. Providence also with some difficulties in the new league.



Wriedt was again the main man, scoring 14 goals. Amenyido was also okey. Obregón unfortunately not that strong anymore like in the first seasons. And the biggest disappointment was Kahvic. A promising signing with the recommendation of more than 20 goals in Nürnberg. In Eredivisie he failed to find the net. Probably going to loan him out in the new season.



Budget looks ok. I think, we can work with that.

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Posted (edited)

The Pitbull-Stories


Season 2024/25 Transfers



Nothing special. Petrák and Yttergard Jenssen were no longer needed. Kahvic we loan out, in the hope, that he finds the net again. And some more other loans to the affiliate clubs.



Mabiala a good talent for the reserves (4* potential). Calabresi and Führich were made by the DoF. The italian will be our new right back. The german is a good option on the wings. Schendelaar the new backup-goalkeeper and Novota is a nice prospect from Slovakia and allready national player. Hoping for a good future here.








We also got a new DoF. The old ones contract was running out and he wanted to much wage. That came towards me, because i was anyway thinking of a change.

So now Gregory van den Broek is in charge. (A bit a pritty, that SI just gives you new gen staff)





So that's our squad for the new season


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The Pitbull-Stories


August - September 2024



A good start, again with less goals. But as you say: a horse only jumps as high as it has to. We start with a 0-0 against Utrecht. In Nijmegen our new slovakian striker then for the first time finds the way into the net. The point against the newly promoted Sparta is then to less. Against Zwolle Davids sits allready for the 100th time at the Willem-bench.


Führich and Novota ensure a beautiful anniversary. Against Twente we can win through a goal from Svensson and in Eindhoven we get one point!


Pretty satisfied so far.

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vor 35 Minuten schrieb karanhsingh:

Nice and pretty large squad there! Hope you can push the top teams more this season.


True, especially in the offensive we have a bit too many options, which we need to reduce in winter. Also promoted some HG-Talents into the squad, to give them some playtime to develop. 

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The Pitbull-Stories


October - December 2024



October wasn't that good, with a loss, a draw and a win in the league. At least we could cheer a high victory in the first cup round against amateur side Sparta Nijkerk.

November even started worse with two losses against Groningen and Vitesse, but then things turned apart. We were able to win five games in a row, till Ajax came through and beat us with 0-3. In the second cup round we secured a win thanks to a goal from youngster Misidjan and the last game of the year was again a 2-1 win over Vitesse.


Still in business! The top three our doing their own stuff, but we're on the first place of the rest :brock:

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The Pitbull-Stories


January 2025


New year starts with a job offer. Udinese, currently on the 20th and last place in Serie A, approached Davids. He wasn't really sure, but went to the interview. The friaul were enthusiastic and offered him a contract.


A bigger salary and slightly better finances. Davids took his time and checked all pro and contras. In the end he decided to stay in Tillburg. Here he has build up a team, that is now finally competive. This he wants to contine, rather than fighting for survival in italy. Udinese is not that option, for which he would go now.




We did some business. Pesic was recalled from his loan and left for free back to serbia. So we can save his salary, which he isn't justified. Than the biggest loss: Che Nunnely was transfered to China. We get the biggest amount ever for a player, but that departure hurts us. Nunnely was our creative player in the offensive. Also Ylätupa and Obregón were sold. Both were complaining and wanted to move to a bigger club. Especially for the colombian it was a worth move...


DoF also did on the ingoing side some business. Leverbe, a decent centreback, comes from Udinese. Louis Lord, a new backup keeper, not that signing, that we really needed. And with Adam Maher and Jemal Tabidze he brings us some experienced options in. Two good signings, which i can't complain.










Football was also played, and really delightful for us. In the third-cup round we needed to go to extra time, but Novota sent us three minutes before the end into the quarter finals. In the league we secured two wins without any conceded goals.


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The Pitbull-Stories


February - March 2025



February is a bit a rollercoaster ride. We draw in Utrecht and win in Alkmaar. Then follows another draw against Breda before we can win two times in a row. In the quarter final of the KNVB beker, winger Führich sent us to the semifinal with a goal seconds before the final whistel. Then we took the momentum with us and beat Feyenoord! The goals were scored by the two best players this month: Midfielder Casap and winger Führich. But then we ended the month with a loss in Almelo.

March began like February ended: With a 0-1 defeat. But then the team showed good performances. The semifinal of the cup against Zwolle we won with 2-0! In the final we face now (pretty obviously) Ajax!


In the league we can celebrate three wins in a row to end the month. Max Svensson was in brillant form - scoring six goals this month and lead us to the 3rd place. We allready have a nice gap between us and following Vitesse!


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The Pitbull-Stories


April - March 2025

Youth Intake

Not the most brillant intake, but with de Haas a good talent. 




Well the season is in the last games and we have to pay tribute, to the good performances we shown so far. Now the team is just tired. In Venlo we couldn't get more than a draw. But then we landed big points at home against PSV!

In the final of the KNVB beker we shown a brave fight against Ajax. They took the lead through a goal from Musiala. Novata scored the equalizer after the break. In the extra-time we tried to do everything to get to penalties, but Diogo Jota secured Ajax' win with a goal in the 102th minute. 

One week later we failed to take revenge in the league game. Ajax beat us again, this time with 0-2 thanks to two early goals from Musiala. After that we also lost against relegation battling Zwolle, and ending the season with a late win against Emmen. 


I think we can be satisified with this season. 3rd place is the best result since a long time for Willem. And also reaching the cup final and getting international qualification. Much more is at the moment and with the financial possibilities of Ajax and PSV not possible.

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The Pitbull-Stories


End of Season-Review


Casap, Nuhu and Friedrich again with outstanding performances through the season. Offensive still is some kind of a troubled child. No clue, what Providence is searching in the line-up.




Four keepers are definetly two too much, especially when no one can compete Friedrich, because he is delivering top performances and was again honoured as "Keeper of the Season"




Pretty happy with our defence. Tabidze was a steal by our DoF. The routined georgian international has stabilised our defense and build up a perfect team with Nuhu. Leverbe also with good performances, Oikonomou on the other hand is becoming to old and weak. With Kreek we have another talent from our academy on the starting line.

On the right wingback we have with Calabresi and Owusu a good couple and with Mabiala a youngster in the pipeline. Left wingback was ruled by Köhn. Petretta is just backup.




In the midfield Casap is our leader. Brillant player and i don't know, why he's still with us and not going for a bigger club. But pretty happy with that. Next to him this season mostly played Julian de Sart. Ashimeru and Saddiki were the backups.

On the offensive wings mostly Svensson and Führich were starting. Svensson but with another decent season. This guy has everything to be a top player in Eredivisie, but can't keep up his performances. On the left wing be prepared for Stef Schoonbrood. Probably the biggest talent this club had so far. Next season he should be a starter.

Offensive midfield was a rotation between Maher and HG-Player Zujiderwjik, which was developing real good through the last seasons.




Novota was starter and had a good first season in the netherlands. Amenyido with fluctuating performances. Former topscorer Wriedt suffered a long-term injury and was out for half of the season. Probably not going to be the player he was anymore. His time sadly should be over.



A bit more than last season. With that, it should be possible to build up a good squad.

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vor 13 Minuten schrieb karanhsingh:

Nice season. Schoonbrood seems to be developing well judging by the star ratings, can you post up a screenshot?

Sure, this is our boy at the start of the season 25/26


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