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B Team Confusion

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I'm in a save where my team created a 2nd team after promotion to the top division and I'm a bit confused about how certain elements work.

  • Contracts- I'm getting messages from the manager of the second team saying he couldn't agree terms with a player- he's usually offering terms such as youngster or breakthrough prospect (which would make sense as the second team is largely younger players) but they all want Important player or similar to reflect their status in the B team. If I give them the terms the ask for an I promote them to the first team a season later, will they want the same playing time? Am I better off promoting them to the first team or demoting them to the u19's before opening negotiations so they have more realistic playing time expectations?
  • Homegrown status- I've noticed my players in the second team are gaining days towards being homegrown 16-21 at Metalist 2 rather than Metalist. Will this translate to if I move them up?
  • Transfers- if I agree a transfer before the window opens (ie in May after the season ends) I usually move that player into the B team in order to make organising my squad a bit easier. However this then means when they leave they aren't listed on my 'transfer history' screen. Minor annoyance but it would be good to be able to see all moves across the teams in one place. 
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4 hours ago, KingCanary said:

Bumping this to see if anyone has an answer? I keep falling foul of future prospects wanting 'important player' contracts if they are in my 2nd team and then losing them. 

I've reported it as a bug before - what seems to be happening is that they want Important Player status for the second team and for whatever reason that's what the contract is being negotiated as.

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