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[FM22] Against the elements - a Sson's only save


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January - April 2025


A good pre-season with a good performance in the Lengjubikarinn, we finished second in our group, and didn't qualify . We dit win the Meistarakeppni again , for the third time in a row . After extra time and penalities.

Three changes this season. Sveinsson 23D replaced retired McAuslandGissurarson 24D replaced retired Matthiasson and Gissurarson 23B replaced Hogg.

 This team has an average age of 21.45 and attribute average rating of 42.41

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June 2025

In the league we almost had a perfect run but we are out in the Bikarkeppni , we lost against IA. i'm fine with that, gives us more rest.

Again a two horse race ?


Our first qualifier against Tetovo from North Macedonia.


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July 2025

We beated Shkëndija from North Macedonia and Panevėžys from Lithuania . Now we have a very diffucult tie against Cluj from Romania.

We play at Valur in our next fixture.


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Njarðvik FC - Youth intake Season 4 - 2025

Youth intake preview


The best intake attribute average wise with 38.68 and one potential star from my home country.. belgium! We needed a DMC and we got a superb one. and we got our first players from outside Reykjanesbær.



    8134dccec309950518c81d5c4a47c115.png 2eee3fc836329c6ec5c7880f7d65f764.pnge0902fadac91fb65ef83b4743d800009.png

With Jónsson 25F we got our future DC (maybe next season) , with Ólafsson 25E i think that i can retrain him to an inside forward and he could become a first eleven player. Our absolut star is Wolfs 25B , he'll start next season as our main midfielder !



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August 2025

Two draws in the league and out of Europa Conference League third qualifying after losing against Cluj. No groupstage this season.

We should win our second championship.


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Njarðvik FC - Review Season 4 - 2025


We won the league after our draw against rivals Valur. We had a very good season in the league so i'm very happy with our second championship.




Pepsi Max Deildin :  A very solid season with only two losses at the end when we already won it !

Meistarakeppni: We won our third supercup against Valur, after penalties.

Bikarkeppni: First time we didn't got into the semi-finals. IA beated us in the fourth round.

Lengjubikarinn: We finished 2nd again in the group stage.

U19: They won the U19A for the second time and they also won the cup.

Europa Conference League: Survived two qualifying rounds but Cluj from Romania beated us in the third qualifying round. No group stage !


The squad is getting more balanced every season and i'll upgrade three youth players next season to replace some old senior players.

 0a1e80ae6bdd765be8c5118576c91a5b.png fcaaf049ed64604588f387cee691e344.png 144ddcc64f477f7ca97767e2e9f8b0b5.png 9c8d144289249236156d75f06fa63ef2.png

We retrained Sveinsson 23D from DR to DC and he was our best player ! Diock was once again our topscorer and he will stay a few mor years. Smarason had a solid season with 12 clean sheets and Gissurarson 23B will be soon our new topscorer,he scored already 16 this season.

Transfers: nothing special.

Youth Intake 2025: A superb intake with three players that will join the senior squad.


Finances & Upgrades

Finances: Finances are good even without a European group stage this season.



Our Junior Coaching is not at the highest level !

Club & Season Facts


Next Season

I am happy that I was able to become champion again and that I got a very good intake. Next season I hope that i can use this intake to replace some older players.  And to make a new attempt to reach at least the group stage of the conference league via the Champions path. This save will continue in two weeks as I will be going on holiday without a computer/FM. 

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Posted (edited)

First International youth call-up for foreign nation

Wolfs 25B is the first to get a call-up for a foreign country.


I'm back after a holiday at another beautiful island (Crete). I have read the great book Against the Elements about Icelandic football, the facilities, the DNA etc, so I have a lot of inspiration and desire to continue with this save !

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January - March 2026


An average pre-season with a bad performance in the Lengjubikarinn, we finished third in our group, and didn't qualify .

Two changes this season. Steinsson 22B is replaced by new hot prospect Wolfs 25B and Magnusson is replaced by 16 year old Jónsson 25F. Our backup striker Hogg retired at the end of season 4 .

 This team has an average age of 21 (lowest since we started) and attribute average rating of 44.09, a good increase.

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10 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Man, I really admire your patience with these kind of saves. Good stuff so far sir!

Thanks, you mean the patience to get into Europe ? :) 

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June 2026

Perfect run with a very good win at Valur and with Þórðarson 24G as our new topscorer.



Like two seasons ago we start in the Champions League against Suduva from Lithuania. They beated us two seasons ago.



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10 hours ago, OlivierL said:

Thanks, you mean the patience to get into Europe ? :) 

Well I mean the general patience to keep developing the squad as opposed to buying players. But i must admit you're getting some interesting newgens already. 

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July 2026


Dropped some points but we had to rotate a lot this month. We reached the semi final of the Bikarkeppni rotating the complete team, and we have to do the same in the semi-finals and if we win.. also in the final because we always have an important European game before or after the cup fixtures.



We took revenge against Sudova and won against a bigger team from Moldavia. We were the better team and won in the second qualification round against Sheriff Tiraspol. 


This could be the end but if we lose, we'll have a go in the Europa League playoff round, if we don't win , we are sure of the Conference League Groupstage so i'm happy with this.

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Njarðvik FC - Youth intake Season 5 - 2026

Youth intake preview


Best intake average and determination/personality wise. really happy with my new goalkeeper and more options up front. And we got our first Model Citizen.



4255fccd522825018adcc6fcc1a7b180.png 3f027cedfa0de1e72802d281034bc151.png
94af1dc67fc4d4208a9a06f09d90e92e.png 6b758100c2c442fd59382bacfe568739.png

We have our future goalkeeper with Rúnarsson 26i and he could start next season. And a second option for DL in Matthíasson 26H and two good options up front Pálsson 26E and Hjartarson 26F


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August 2026

Our first loss with again a fully rotated squad.. we still have a good chance of finishing first.


We won our third Bikarkeppni.

We won the first leg against a much higher reputated Sparata Praha.

But then we lost after this crazy match and extra time.. we were so close to reach CL group stage.. now we have EL group stage .



So we are rich but could have been very rich :) 


Finishing third in this group (and go to ECL knockout) is the ambition.

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17 minutes ago, Koetzer said:

Oh that was close! Though Europa/Conference League is surely better at this point to improve the rankings.

yes that is true , in the champions league i wouldn't have any chance to win something, now i have a chance. But in the near future i would love to gain the CL jackpot :) 

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Njarðvik FC - Review Season 5 - 2026


Back to back league win is positive, in a season where I had to rotate a lot because of our European adventure



Pepsi Max Deildin :  A very solid season with our third championship win !

Meistarakeppni: We lost the supercup against Valur.

Bikarkeppni: We won the cup against IA after we mostly used our second choice players in the cup.

Lengjubikarinn: We finished 3rd again in the group stage.

U19: They won the U19A league for the third time.

Europe: Survived three qualifying rounds in the champions league but in a crazy game against Sparta Praha we lost in the playoffs and qualified for Europa League Groupstage (first time). We played four games in this league and won two times against Astana ! the two other games will be played at the start of the 6th season.

With a game at Anderlecht and at home against Marseille i would be happy to reach the conference league knock out(so i need to finish third).


A very good season and i keep getting more and more options and at the moment i didn't lost one single important player (could change in the near future).

    43ce58010e8574027e7f062736a3e81c.png bfc8d0df52555a538be4fb3181f1d0f8.png b8c6185392e57cb55d140fcc177b63a3.png

Þórðarson 24G won the icelandic player of the year award after scoring 26 goals. Sveinsson 23D had a solid season at the back and Gissurarson 24D had a very good season as our AML with 12 goals and 11 assists.

Transfers: nothing special.

Youth Intake 2026: A superb intake with two or three players that will join the senior squad.


Finances & Upgrades

Finances: Finances are very good after our Europa League group stage adventure.


Our Youth Recruitment is now at the highest level !

New partnership with a team with a good youth setup from the lower league : Volsungur

And we changed our Hoyd again for a HOYD with a Resolute personality and the right favorite formation. Borgporsson out , May in

Club & Season Facts


Next Season

I hope to reach the group stage in Europe again and integrate three players from the last intake into senior squad

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November 2026 - February 2027

We finished our Europa League group stage with two losses but finished 3rd and qualified for the first knockout ECL. We beated Braga after having issues with our midfielders in the first leg and couldn't use my best player (Gissurarson 24D  - AML) in the second leg. Very proud.




Three changes this season. Palsson 26E, Runarsson 26i , Pétursson 24H enter the first eleven.


Average age from this first eleven is 18.81 , lowest ever. And average attritube rating is 45.36 , highest ever.


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March 2027

In our sixt season we finally won our League ( Lengjubikarinn) group and beated Vikingur R. in the semi final. We play our first League Cup final in April. In Europe we keep on going and we were able to beat a very good Lille.


If we beat Hibs we face AEK or Rennes

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April 2027

A very productive month. We won our first Lengjubiikarinn after beating KA and we won our fourth supercup against rivals Valur. Hibs beated us in the quarter finale of the ECL and i still don't understand how because we should have beated them. It was a very good adventure for our balance and experience.

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