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Resume of the save so far:

  • I am at the end of season 4, June 2025
  • I use the preset 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress with heavy rotation. I am pretty much a one tactic manager.
  • Season 1: Won League One
  • Season 2: Won the Championship, although I had like the 4th lowest wage expenditure in the league
  • Season 3: 10th in the Premier League. Although I had by far the lowest wage expenditure, 375k p/w towards the end of the season, even less earlier in the season. That expenditure was just 1/3 of Norwich, the team with the second lowest wage expenditure.
  • Season 4: 13th in the Premier League. Along with Stoke I had around the joint lowest wage expenditure, was at 575k at the end of the season. Half the expenditure of the team with the third lowest wage budget.
  • I still have a few original players in the squad: Dennis Cirkin, Jay Matete, Elliott Embleton and Dan Neil along with some youngster who still aren't in the first team more than sporadically. Of these, Cirkin is still my first choice left back and Matete and Embleton are regular starter. Dan Neil was never more than a squad player at best. Embleton and Dan Neil will probably be sold this summer as they have 1 year left on their deals and their wage demands being above what I think they are worth.
  • My best current players are:
    • Giogio Scalvini (21) DC/MC, 4 CA. Free signing two years ago.
    • Khellven (24) DR, 4 CA. 9m from some Brazilian team January 2025.
    • Matias Palacios (23) AMC, 3.5 CA. 10.25m from some Swiss team January 2025.
    • Daniel Ballard (25) DC, 3.5 CA. Free signing from Arsenal two years ago.
    • Meritan Shabani (26) AMC, 3.5 CA. Free signing from Wolwes in season 3.
    • Weigandt (24-25), DR, 3.5 CA. 5m from some Argentianian team in season 3 (don't remember  his first name).
    • Scott McKenna (28) DC, 3.5 CA. 400k from Nottingham Forest in season 2.
    • Flynn Downes (26) MC, 3.5 CA. 11m from Swansea in the Championship.


I just had the wage budget for the new season: A meagre 800k p/w, 100k LOWER than the 900k I was allowed this season.


How is this possible? The club gets richer and richer due to my low wage costs, I now have 115m in the bank, much more than last summer. Strange.


Anyway, I play with harsh restrictions. Because I don't want the game to be too easy. The game is boring if succes is almost a foregone conclusion. The restrictions include to:

  • All restrictions that lollujo uses in his non-league to legend.
  • Never ask the DoF for player suggestions.
  • Only scout a player/consider buying a player if he pops up in a scout report (those reports are heavily filtered since the chief scout is in charge of everything, which includes looking at the scout reports).
  • Delegate most stuff to the staff. Including everything regarding scouting, training and hiring/firing staff.
  • Having a super tight policy regarding wage expenditure according to this link: https://www.guidetofm.com/squad/wages/ (meaning that almost all potential signings are ruled out due to high wage demands


I am quite new to FM. Actually this is my first ever save that has lasted more than one season.


It has been great fun so far. Nerve wrecking promotion challenges in season 1 and 2. Being rather close to relegation at times during season 3 and 4 in the Premier League (in season 3 I had 20 points after the first 19 matches; in season 4 at one point I had a dreadful run of form with 14 points in 20 matches and was within 3 points of relegation with 7 games to go).


A funny side note: In my previous save (also with my favourite team Sunderland) I got sacked midway through season 1, being placed 14th in League One. Although I played in excactly the same way as in this save, I even had a stronger squad in that previous save, on paper made some better signings back then.


I love that. I love how FM22 is much more unpredictable than its predecessors, random good or bad streaks having a huge influence on results.


I hope that I eventually get a better wage budget so I can start to compete. I guess I will eventually, I probably make at least 30-40m per year in profits with the present low wage spendings.


But then on the other hand I love the difficult challenge by working on a shoestring with a Championship wage budget in the Premier League.

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