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How can i create this movement for a double pivot?

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I know that with a HB role i could make one of they drop between the CBs but it has some disadvantages.

First of all, it's rare to find a left footed center back nowadays, and if you have two right footed central defenders who left foot ability is pretty useless that movement in build up with a left footed central midfielder will help them.



So, as i said before, i could have that with a half back role but it doesn't seem that i could get them to drop in the side of the center backs.


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The one possible way I can think of is having a DLP offset to the right on your DM slot. Maybe paired with a Volante in the DM slot to play the role of the CM in the picture.

Would be interesting to see if you can get the dropping deep movement from a DLP.

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Even the Half Back doesn't move into a back three when you advance the ball, playing out from the back he'll drop deep but as you move upfield he'll move into midfield

It depends where the ball is on that picture really  

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As above.  CM-D or DLP-D with Stay Wider on the right of a 2 or 3 man midfield.  Don't play them in the DM Slot as they will stay too narrow to cover the middle/drop between CBs.

It helps to have the Full/Wingback be very aggressive their attacking.

Ask your left sided CB to Stay Wider.

Set Right sided CB to Cover.

I tend to ask GK to distribute to "Specific Position"(Right CB in this instance) rather than "To Centrebacks" and I tend to turn off "Play Out of Defence" as this seems to encourage the CM/DLP-D to drop/move wider earlier - this isn't necessary, just my preference.

I use this regularly and when familiarity is up in works very well.

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bear in mind it wont always look like your image, depending which side your team attacks from.  If you build on the side of the dropping CM it will, if you build-up/attack down the other side he will revert to moving more central a lot of the time.

Plus to get your full/wingbacks moving high up the field simultaneously I'd suggest one of FB-A and one on WB-A (my experience is if they're both the same Role-Duty the far-side will hang back while ball-side attacks.

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I'm finding a double DM tactic with one as Segundo Vol and the other as DM-d with two CD's as Ball Playing Defenders and a higher line will push up the CD's and the DM-d is usually in line with them or slightly ahead but pivoted to the side. 

In this tactical formation the DM-d will find himself as a playmaker-esque type of player but not a ball magnet for the team. Hes a safety pass to recycle possession or the one who play goes through when we slowly build up with play from the back. He will also mostly find himself sitting to the right side of the BPD behind the FB-s when we attack.

Screenshot 2022-06-17 203310.jpg

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