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player value dropping without reason

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So, this is my current captain and DM Asi Biton:


I love him, despite him having developed dislikes mig matches and fairly inconstent performer that he developed in the last two years. He has improved like a madmen since he joined me and now he finally starts to reach a limit, maybe. But he wants to leave as we are not playing in european football this season, after the club overperformed ridiculously the season before. This is his current value:



His release clause is 90 million though, and the reason for that is that this was his value for the last 5 years, up until 2 months before:


What exactly happened? He is wanted by a lot of clubs, why did his value halve suddenly? is 23 a magic age that will remove "potential" from a players value?

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I know that in past FMs 23 was the hard cut off where the AI stops paying for potential. Wouldn't be surprised if that is still how things work under the hood and with the more accurate player valuation you know actually see the drop, instead of just realizing that a player the AI bid 60m+ for a week ago is suddenly only receiving 15m bids because he just turned 23.

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He became unhappy at the end of last season. So it's probably turning 23. Interesting, I don't think that is a very good solution by the game, but it's really good to know. It makes some sense for players being far off their potential ability at 23 to consider them not able to ever reach their potential, but a player that is clearly developing and misses half a star at 23 does not match that. Anyway, it also means coaches that relie on selling players to make enough money need to do that before the age of 23. 😁 

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