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Can two player traits trigger at once?

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I'm sure this has been asked before, but some cursory googling didn't return anything aside from a yearly-recycled guidetofm article that claims traits can combo. Despite playing tens of thousands of hours of FM over the past decade, I can't remember a specific example of two or more traits triggering at once? The only ones that -maybe- come to mind could be "first time shots" and "shoots with power/places shots" making a difference to the kind of volley your player hits - but this could obviously also be entirely incidental.

For example, does having "curls ball" and "shoots with power" lead to insane knuckled shots? Does "curls ball" add more curl to "outside of foot" strikes? Furthermore, will "likes to beat offside trap" and "moves into channels" change the kind of in-behind run your strikers make, e.g. off the shoulder vs diagonally away from the defender, or will that be limited by the traits proccing one after the other i.e. moving into a channel first then deciding to beat the trap?

I'm starting to wonder if I'm wasting CA/trait slots by going for "combo traits." It would seem slightly dissappointing if, as I suspect, there are no further special options for players opened up by combining traits.

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3 hours ago, Vodka Hellstorm said:

Very interesting piece, thank you! But unfortunately it doesn't have much of a bearing on the original question as I'm still interested to know if traits can truly "combo." 

Here you can read what is good (or bad) traits for each role. For example click on Central Attack Roles and from drop-down menu choose "Advanced Forward"; you will find "Complementary Player Traits". 

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