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Is there a way to use different World Cup Qualifier rules depending on the host nations continent?


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I'm currently trying to recreate Yugoslavia and changed the World Cup Qualifiers to use 47 or 48 teams divided into 8 groups. If the WC host is not a European nation there is no problem, since the 16 teams needed can be the two best teams from each group, but when the host is a European nation, I only need 15 teams to qualify, In which case I want the 7 best second placed teams to qualify.

I've tried to solve this with requirements, that worked with the European U-21 Qualifiers for me (since there it's possible to have 1 or 2 hosts for the finals there), but neither the number of teams nor the number of hosts seemed to have any effect. (the number of hosts for the finals was always recognized as 0 in my tests and the number of teams always as 47)

For now I solved this by creating a table of second placed teams every time and then adding the worst team (seeding 1) as well as the host if it's a European Nation (seeding 0) to a hidden stage and qualifying the team with the best seeding.

While this works, I don't really like the solution since it seems weird to have an unnecessary table from which all teams qualify, when the host isn't European, so my question is if there is a way to have different rules depending on the host nation?

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