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Update club competition status mid season for better transfers


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I had a player turn down my contract because "He feels that he would much rather feature in the Champions Cup". The problem is its January and this team came last in their Champions Cup group so are completely out of european competition. Furthermore they're currently sitting in last place in the league with a paltry 13 points from 20 games and looking set for relegation. Instead of turning me down for a champions league club hes turning me down for a soon-to-be Bundesliga 2 club.

If there was a mid season update to the competition status it would make the transfers make more sense. Update the continental competition status (e.g. CL knockouts, Euro knockouts, Euro2 knockouts, no European competition). If the game recognised the clubs league standings then even better. A team in the Champions cup places 20/34 games in is a much more attractive prospect than a team coming last and likely to be relegated.



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