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My Wishlist Features From FM 23


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I want to suggest my wishlist Feature that I would like to see in FM 23

-Hiring Manager to Coach U19 or B Team as First Team Manager Request :

Imagine you manage B Team and Coaching U19 at same time in Lower League,i complain about this when i try to manage Lower League but it was too hard and SI should have put when you try to talk the board about hiring some manager to coach U19 or B Team because it too hard manage 3 times with U19,B and First team at same time

-More Social Media :

Imagine Arsenal Fan TV gonna be mad about Arsenal losing to 2-1 to West Brom and Some fans complain that VAR robbed the team and everyone else saying Manager out,it would be pretty great

-More Realism :

Imagine Some Club want to buy your player from 100M due to good playing time or Benfica or Porto manifested Your interest on your services after you doing pretty well manage some brazilian club this need to be more Realism and this will be great

-Trophy Parade :

i no wonder why SI didnt added the party from Trophy Parade i think it would be pretty good

-Retro Mode :

Imagine you Manager Benfica in 70s or 80s and see Intertoto Cup,Cup Winners Cup,UEFA Cup and Champions League with knockout round from Champions Winners and i would be pretty cool

-Stadium Builder

i think this needs to be Added on FM


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  • SI Staff

A few of these we cannot implement due to various licensing restrictions (specifically Retro Mode, and to an extent, a stadium builder) but we appreciate all the suggestions nonetheless. :)

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