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Recover data from Android app

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Hey everyone thanks in advance. I had FM21 on my android phone I've done about 9 seasons with it. One of the kids have been on my phone and deleted the app to free up space 🙈😩. Ive managed to re download it, is it possible to recover my data for it somehow? I work away in the week and it's my time passer fuming now haha.



Also can I transfer my data from one phone to another? I'm due an upgrade soon so wondering if I can transfer my data to my new phone.


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The save games are kept in the following folder:

Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal/games/

If that's still there, then you may be lucky. But if you've re-installed FMM21 and it's not not finding it automatically, then you might be out of luck. :(

Still it's worth checking. If you are going to move it to another phone, best to check it via PC (if you have one). Connect the phone to your PC and use Windows Explorer to open the phone's drive and go to that folder. Then copy the save file to your PC (it will be called fm_save1.fms etc), connect your new phone and copy it back to the same place (after you've installed FMM21 and saved a game to make sure the folder is there).

Good luck!

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