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Accept a friendly clause

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When you’re selling a player and you manage to squeeze in an accept a frienly match clause, do you have to ask for that friendly within a certain amount of time? I’m pretty sure I used to arrange those friendlies more than a year after I’ve sold a player, but the last few times I’ve negotiated such a clause, the option to arrange the friendly disappeared after some time.

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1 hour ago, Jackk! said:

I think you're supposed to do it in the following pre-season but I don't know if it's actually just a 12-month clause. Just checked my transfer clauses and it doesn't show an expiry date. 

Yeah, that's what's bothering me. Those clauses don't have an expiry date, but they eventually disappear.

I remember I had agreed such a clause with Milan in the summer transfer window and, in February (the end of Latvian pre-season), I had the option to arrange that friendly. But now, in April, the clause is gone.

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