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FM Touch 21 Android - Match analysis/data missing or broken

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I am one of the few FMT players that decided to stick with Touch 2021 on Android, so I'm well aware that it is a year old discontinued game and no further updates or bug fixes are coming.


However I've got a strange bug that I can't see raised anywhere so wanted to see if this is just how the game is in 2021 or if something has corrupted in my save and is fixable?


I'm finding that a lot of the mid game analytics are blank or broken so cannot be used to see how your team is performing at half time or end of game.

Also on player comparisons and post game analytics, there seem to be entire sections missing or incorrect.

It calls the teams Team1 and Team2 and won't let you click through to a match report anywhere. It also seems to get results wrong and praise things like clean sheets and goals that didn't happen.

Also my B Team section has an Analysis button that doesn't seem to link through to anything.

It's meaning the only bit of info I can see from my 1st/B team games is the score and scorers.


Is this something known on FMT21 Android?

I'll attach some screen shots to explain what I mean. I can also send some mid game ones also if it's a bug you recognise.










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