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Is there a safe space on here for players currently playing Champ Man?

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I’ve recently downloaded 01/02 - it’s been about 20 years since playing it and I’ve definitely forgotten what the hell I’m doing on that game.

I’m quite sure I won more or less every game and scored at least 3 goals a game. And I’m sure 4-4-2 or 4-3-2-1 basically won you matches?

so why is it I’m bloody awful now? I’m managing Man Utd and have made a few of the classic signings. West, Bonera and Placente to bolster the defence (I’ve not bothered with the patch so Rio isn’t signed)

Ive also signed Kerr.

Ruud is of course a beast on that game but alas - I’m struggling to win games and have lost a fair few. 
Tactical tweaks are minimal on the game so I’ve tried different variations of tactic.

What general tactics did you create?

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2 hours ago, Hilly1979 said:

Think your in the wrong place mate, this section is for tactics/training help for Football Manager

I know. 
I was trying my luck. Just thought there could be one helpful person just to enlighten me. It’s still the same topic, different game made by the same creators as FM. 

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Good old times :) Probably my first proper football management game. However, I didn't bother to get into tactics too much back then, just picked some standard formation and tried to fit players into it. 

I remember my save with Ajax - it was a time when Zlatan played for Ajax. I vaguely remember that Zlatan and Mido were a pretty decent striker partnership (probably played a standard 4-4-2) and I later switched on to a single striker formation (4-1-2-3 DM Wide) that served me well for several games and versions. It had a DM, two midfelders as CMs and APa, two wingers (who crossed for Zlatan in the box who was pretty good in the air) and I tweaked with full-back instructions (more or less attacking). 


Those early versions of the game stood out because they (almost always) had some sort of set piece exploit that developers struggled to remove. In one year/version it was something like this - put one player to challenge keeper, best header to far post and send corners there. Centre-backs could score between 10-20 goals per season easily that way. In next version it was some short corner routine that cracked the defence etc. Some users came to the forum to post (and search) those exploits, others avoided to use (or even learn about) them. Unfortunately, I don't remember any specifics about CM 01/02 in that regard.

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