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RMP/Regista role for 433DM

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3 minutes ago, EnigMattic1 said:

The obvious reply would be, what other roles do you plan on using? How do you plan on setting up the players around the player in the DM position? 

For the two CM roles one of them is definitely gonna be a CMa because that role is really OP this year. The other one I’m  open for suggestions. The mercato is coming up so I can buy anyone suited for a suggested role. I was thinking a BBM ?

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Would play either role if he has  CMA and BBM in front of him, backline will cop too much heat. I have a tactic with a RPM + move into channels, Run with ball , two Carilleros in front of him and he dominates. The CM pairing provide cover and intelligently chose when to go forward also. 
If going a CMA the other role needs to be a holding or defensive role I'd say 

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