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Guardiola style tactic - Won league with 67% possession! (FM21)

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to share a tactic I've had success with so far. The aim was trying to replicate a Guardiola style tactic.

This is the base tactic below:



The key ideas and principles behind the tactic are as follows:

General principles

  • Dominate possession.
  • Play out from the back.
  • Patience short passing style.
  • Play as wide as possible to stretch the pitch.
  • Overload central areas.
  • Press high and aggressively.

Player related

  • CB's that bring the ball out of the back.
  • Inverted fullbacks that mainly play centrally.
  • A CDM that assists in build-up by dropping in between CB's.
  • Wingers that stay high and wide.
  • AM's that operate high and in the half-spaces.

There was an element of changing some of the roles based on the player(s) playing in the specific game. Such as:

  • Inverted full back switch from support to defend if player in question better suited to that role.
  • IW changed to WS if player in question better suited to that role.
  • Striker position changed based on best role for player in question.

Below are some screenshots of how we did in the league (I believe we got the record for number of points and wins in League 2).




I've attached the tactic if anyone wants to give it a go in their save.

Questions welcome.



4-3-3 Pos Play.fmf


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